Animals in Madrid theme park enjoy treats in the heat (Video)

Posted Aug 26, 2014 by Anne Sewell
Summer in Spain can get pretty hot and the animals in Madrid's Faunia animal theme park feel the heat too. To help them keep their cool, zookeepers have come up with some novel frozen treats for the animals.
The lemurs  monkeys and seals in the Faunia animal theme park in Madrid received frozen treats to he...
The lemurs, monkeys and seals in the Faunia animal theme park in Madrid received frozen treats to help them beat the heat of summer.
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Summer fun for humans always involves ice cream, so the animal keepers figured, why shouldn't the animals get in on the fun too.
The Faunia animal theme park in Madrid combines a zoo and natural history museum all in one and is aimed at being a fun and educational experience for children. The huge park has eight eco-systems, running from tropical rain forests all the way through to polar regions and in the park over 1,500 animals can be seen, many of which roam freely. The park is organized into several varied habitats, including, among others, the Australian zone complete with wallabies and an African forest. There is also a lake where the seals hang out.
Children can visit seals, monkeys, lemurs, fish, insects and spiders, as well as reptiles and birds. Among the most popular residents are the seals, monkeys and the lemurs from Madagascar, and each of these species are feeling the heat this year. The zoo keepers came up with a novel idea to help them to keep their cool.
For the seals, they took soda cups and froze fish into ice blocks in them. These are then dropped into the water for the animals to enjoy at their leisure and they do seem to go down an absolute treat.
The lemurs food of choice is fruit, so fresh fruit popsicles are the answer for these fascinating creatures. In this case, the zoo keepers ensure that the fruit is displayed on the outside of the ice blocks so that lemurs know exactly what they are getting. In the video above (Spanish language) they can be seen alternately munching on some fresh green leaves and chomping on a frozen fruit treat.
The monkeys also have their own treats in the way of blocks of frozen fruits and vegetables. You don't get that in the forest back home!
Spanish source:
El Confidencial Digital