New wearable bracelet can charge your phone

Posted Aug 22, 2014 by James Walker
A new device dubbed QBracelet entering the rising "wearable device" market is seeking to make it easier than ever to charge your phone or tablet on the go — by simply hooking it up to your wrist.
The Q Designs QBracelet - a wearable phone charger
The Q Designs QBracelet - a wearable phone charger
As Mashable reports, to use the charging capabilities of the bracelet you simply unfold it. Upon doing so, you find both a standard micro USB connector, used on thousands of laptops and tablets worldwide, and an Apple Lightning connector for the company's iOS devices.
Produced by Q Designs, the bracelet is simple and light with a plain white, minimalist unisex-design. Alternatively, it is available in black or gold colour variants and in three different sizes: small, medium and large. These weigh in at an inconsequential 1.23 ounces, 1.41 ounces and 1.59 ounces respectively, so despite the charging components concealed within, the bracelet shouldn't feel heavy to wear.
After a 90-minute charge, Q Designs claim that the lithium-ion battery buried in the device could give the majority of devices with a "standard-sized" battery up to 60 percent, although of course this will vary depending on the individual usage of each wearer. The bracelet can maintain its charge for 30 days in standby mode.
Those who like a visual indicator of the remaining charge in a battery will be pleased to learn that four small LEDs are hidden above the charging connector; these cycle and blink to indicate the current remaining power inside the bracelet's battery.
Q Designs co-founder Alessandro Libani told Mashable in response to a query about whether the bracelet would feel warm whilst charging devices, as many charging units do, "We specifically put safety measures in place to prevent the bracelet from getting too hot but yes after charging your smartphone with the QBracelet it can be a tad warm. Nothing uncomfortable, but if you pay attention you can notice the temperature change." For some, this may be disturbing or an annoyance but it could actually be nice on a cold winters day: a combined phone charger and hand warmer on your wrist!
The QBracelet will go on sale for $99 or you can pre-order now for $79. Expect to see it around by December.