American apples not welcome in Europe

Posted Apr 29, 2014 by Larry Seely
American apple growers took a big hit this week when the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) banned the fruit grown in the states from Europe because the level of DPA was too high.
Baskets of Apples
Baskets of Apples
Erin Jackson
Diphenylamine isn't considered dangerous by itself, but it can breakdown into foods and create harmful effects. The chemical is used to limit brown spots on fruit, most notably apples.
New standards set in Europe don't allow fruit with levels of DPA higher that .1 parts per million to be sold in stores or served in restaurants. American apple growers are allowed levels one hundred times higher then that of Europe, but after the recent ban, the EPA may need to reconsider their limits.
With American farmers and fruit growers already under strain from economic hits in recent years this can't come as good news and with around eighty percent of all apples grown in the states containing DPA, the ban in Europe could be in place for several years, making it even harder for growers to make a good living.