Op-Ed: Oscars event delivers two social media case studies

Posted Mar 9, 2014 by Michael Krebs
In the days following the Academy Awards, two social media case studies emerged thanks to Ellen Degeneres' "selfie" and to John Travolta's "Adele Dazeem."
Courtesy © Reuters
The Oscars gala event has delivered two compelling social media case studies.
Ellen Degeneres took a photograph at the Oscars and it spread around through Twitter. She knew it would. In fact, the Ellen Degeneres "selfie" beat the previously held retweet record held by President Obama's "four more years" tweet in 2012. The Degeneres photograph is now known as the "best photo ever."
[This OpEd piece parallels Episode 4 of The Matter podcast].
President Obama's "four more years" tweet received nearly 800,000 retweets. Within an hour, the Degeneres tweet had over a million retweets. By the end of the Oscars ceremony, the retweet figure stood at more than 2 million.
Degeneres' influential action was made possible by a Samsung device, and in the days following the Academy Awards marketing analysts questioned whether or not Samsung's investment in the Oscars was a worthwhile endeavor. According to Mashable, Samsung spent roughly $20 million in support of their Oscars presence. Mashable cited a Visible Measures study that found that Samsung's campaign videos "were viewed or referenced on social media 222,681 times."
But something else happened at the Oscars. John Travolta happened.
After introducing broadway singer Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem, the flub went immediately viral - spurring an Adele Dazeem Twitter account that now boasts more than 4,200 followers.
Demonstrating its real-time editorial prowess, Slate launched an Adele Dazeem Name Generator, and it quickly became the most popular single piece of content in Slate's 17-year history. As of Saturday, the name generator widget had been shared 514,000 times on Facebook and was tweeted 47,000 times.