Cameron aide on child pornography arrested on child porn charges

Posted Mar 4, 2014 by Brett Wilkins
A senior aide to British Prime Minister David Cameron who helped draft the Conservative government's policy on child pornography has been arrested on child pornography charges.
Number 10 Downing Street
Famous main door to Number 10 Downing Street.
The Guardian reports Patrick Rock, who helped draw up the government's policy of introducing controversial Internet filters in a bid to crack down on online pornography and protect children, was arrested at his West London flat last month after police examined computers at No. 10 Downing Street.
Rock was apprehended "a few hours" after the Prime Minister's office notified police of suspicions regarding his conduct.
"On the evening of 12 February, Downing Street was first made aware of a potential offense relating to child abuse imagery. It was immediately referred to the National Crime Agency (CEOP)," it said.
Prime Minister Cameron was "profoundly shocked" by the accusations against one of his closest aides.
"Obviously, when I heard these allegations I was profoundly shocked and I remain profoundly shocked today," the Conservative leader said after delivering a speech on the economy in Coventry, the Telegraph reports.
Pressed on why his office did not disclose Rock's arrest three weeks ago, Cameron said that he didn't "think it would be right to preemptively brief out a criminal investigation so that's why we did not do that. But as soon as questions were asked... we have given them a very full and straightforward answer."
Cameron and Rock have been close associates for more than two decades. They worked together under Home Secretary Michael Howard in the 1990s. Rock had been tipped for a possible Tory peerage. He is known for coining the phrase, "Cows moo, dogs bark and Labour put up taxes."