100 Facebook friends show up at school to defend bullied student

Posted Oct 20, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A high-school bully said that he was sorry to another student who he bullied. This was after 100 Facebook users showed up to defend the bullied student.
Jacob B√łtter (CC BY 2.0)
According to Yahoo, Halsey Parkerson, a high school junior at South Salem (Oregon) high school, was surprised on Friday when more than 50 vehicles showed up to stand up to a bully who was picking on him.
According to MSN, it all started when Parkerson's aunt visited Halsey at school to have lunch with him. That was when she heard the bully teasing her nephew, saying he had no friends. Halsey told her that this happens on a regular basis.
According to First Coast News, Halsey's aunt posted a message to the Facebook car club she belongs to, and word quickly got around, and some of the people who showed up were from as far away as Vancouver, Canada. The bully, who was not identified, told Halsey that he was sorry and gave him a high-five.
The school did not know that the rally was going to take place, but the principal allowed it to continue after learning why the people were gathering around Halsey.