Anonymous #opINFORM gaining momentum Special

Posted Sep 4, 2013 by Justin King
Operation: Inform serves as one of the collective’s intelligence wings. Those within Anonymous subscribe to the various social media accounts of #opINFORM to stay abreast of current events related to some of the organization’s goals.
Anonymous warns the Japanese Government   it would be smart to expect us.
Anonymous warns the Japanese Government, "it would be smart to expect us."
Anonymous/YouTube still shot
A source within the project says their information reaches between four and five million people each year. While these numbers cannot be independently verified, the #opINFORM Facebook page is very active, and it is not uncommon for a single post to be shared by hundreds of people, making the claimed figure easily possible.
“We like to think of ourselves as humanity's or the peoples’ intelligence agency, always countering social media manipulation operations by governments and private firms to the best of our abilities.” says the unidentified person responding through the group’s Facebook page.
The project’s main target is the Federal Reserve Bank, which is seen by the organization as being at the center of many of the world’s problems. The posts generated by the operation are typically news articles put into context by an international team of bloggers that work within the group. Although the team comes from various nations and backgrounds, they all stand behind the message of “War is a racket, Debt is a racket.”
The current upswing in activity is being generated in part because of the imminent war in Syria, which #opINFORM sees as nothing more than another money making venture for those in Washington, and the approach of the Fifth of November. The Fifth of November, Guy Fawkes Day, is traditionally marked by an upsurge in activity from Anonymous. The mask made famous by Anonymous is a Guy Fawkes mask, a British historical figure who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in 1605.
The most dramatic undertaking scheduled by Anonymous this year is the Million Mask March, a simultaneous protest in over 170 cities around the world. The March is poised to serve as a kick-off for a new wave of real world operations by Anonymous.