Frosh week: University student leaders cheer about statutory rape

Posted Sep 4, 2013 by Kirstin Stokes Smith
A Halifax university has promised swift disciplinary action after orientation week leaders posted a 15-second video of student organizers leading a cheer promoting the rape of underage women to Instagram.
Saint Mary s University campus in Halifax  Nova Scotia.
Saint Mary's University campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Kris Griffon/flickr
Male and female students appeared in the video chanting,
"SMU boys we like them young..."Y" is for your sister, "O" is for oh so tight, "U" is for underage, "N" is for no consent, "G" is for grab that ass.."
The video was posted Monday, mere days after Saint Mary's University administrators and police met with student union and orientation organizers to emphasize the importance of making frosh week free from sexism and sexual assault, reports Global News.
Students say the chant has been a longstanding frosh week cheer. Today Student Union President, Jared Perry, apologized for the "oversight," reports CBC.
There are 80 frosh week leaders as well as three executives from Saint Mary's University Student Union who will be required to take sensitivity training as a result of the frosh week incident. In addition, Student Union Executive staff are scheduled to attend a conference to learn more about sexual violence and consent at St. Francis Xavier University, reports Global News.