Pedestrians photo-shopped into digital ads as part of a prank

Posted Jun 11, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A photographer and retouch artist from Sweden teamed up with Adobe to prank pedestrians in Finland by photoshopping them into digital ads right next to them as they were waiting for a bus.
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
YouTube screengrab
According to Laughing Squid, the photgrapher, Erik Johansson, and Adobe carried out the prank to promote an upcoming Adobe Creative Day event that is taking place in Stockholm today.
According to News, Johansson sat in a van and captured the reactions of the people he was pranking.
According to Petapixel, when people arrived at the bus stop, the photographer would take a picture of them, and then it would be loaded up into photoshop, where Johansson would do some edits.
The video of the prank shows people surprised when they see themselves on the screen, but they quickly ended up smiling by the end of the prank.