Op-Ed: The Campaign for Better Transport Petition against Fare Rises

Posted Jan 12, 2013 by Alexander Baron
The Campaign for Better Transport has launched a petition against the latest rail fare rises. You can sign it, for all the good it will do.
The concourse at London Victoria Station
The concourse at London Victoria Station
If there is one oppressed minority in this country that has been hit harder than anyone else, it is the commuter. On January 2, Stephen Joseph appeared on BBC Radio 4 where he called the current fare rises a tax on work, as well as drawing a comparison with the funding of the road network.
His organisation has now started a petition against fare rises and for a reduction in regard to inflation. At the time of writing - 6.45pm London time - it had attracted a shade under 3,500 signatories. You too are invited to sign it - if you think it will do any good. You can also support the Campaign for Better Transport in other ways, though it is not better transport this country needs, but cheaper transport.
Between the so-called public transport network and the extortionate cost of running a car - including congestion and parking charges - it's a wonder the country hasn't long been taxed to a standstill.