Two Toronto Police officers assaulted

Posted Jan 7, 2013 by KJ Mullins
A man carrying a replica machine gun has been arrested after assaulting two Toronto Police officers, resulting in one of officers having a broken leg.
File photo
This morning the two officers allegedly stopped the suspect with a backpack while on patrol in the Scarborough Golf Club Road and Ellesmere Road area. Constable Wendy Drummond said during a phone interview that the suspect was known to police and was being uncooperative with the officers, refusing to communicate with them. The suspect then fled the area on foot with the officers in pursuit.
The first officer was charged by the suspect, knocking the officer to the ground. During that altercation the officer suffered a broken leg. The suspect at this point attempted to disarm the injured officer.
The second officer attempted to restrain the suspect who kicked her in the legs, resulting in minor injuries.
The man was arrested. During the arrest a replica machine gun was allegedly found in the suspect's backpack Drummond said.
"The gun was an imitation machine gun," Drummond confirmed adding that the gun was not operational, "That would not stop the weapon from being used during a crime."
Both officers were taken to hospital. The female officer has since been released. The male officer suffered serious broken bones and will require surgery said Drummond.
Richard Clarke, 39, of Toronto, has been charged with obstructing a peace officer, assault, threatening bodily harm, aggravated assault, disarming a peace officer, assault with intent to resist arrest, assaulting a peace officer, carrying a concealed weapon and weapons dangerous.