Jimmy Savile's nephew issues statement

Posted Oct 27, 2012 by Steve Hayes
Roger Foster, the nephew of Jimmy Savile, has released a statement, expressing the Savile family's hurt at the recent firestorm of allegations and their compassion for the victims.
Roger Foster  Jimmy Savile s nephew
Roger Foster, Jimmy Savile's nephew
The family's statement, which is published in full by the Daily Telegraph, speaks of disbelief, shock, eventual acceptance and sympathy for the victims.
Mr Foster told BBC Radio Five:
It hurts me as much, hurts our family as much, in a different way but probably also maybe in the same way as it hurts the victims of this abuse.
It's just so unexpected, so totally, at first, unbelievable - but now it's not unbelievable any more there has been that many, that many similarities up and down the country that it's believable.
In the statement, speaking for the family, Mr Foster said:
Our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have suffered from every kind of abuse over so many years and we offer our deepest sympathy in what must have been a terrible time for all of them.
We can understand their reluctance to say anything earlier and can appreciate the courage it has taken to speak out now.
Our hearts go out to them and we offer them our sympathy and understanding in their anguish.
When it was revealed that the ITV Exposure documentary would be broadcasting allegations that Jimmy Savile had committed acts of serious sexual assaults on young girls, Mr Foster vehemently denounced the claims. According to the Daily Telegraph, he stated:
I just get so disgusted and disappointed by it. The guy hasn't been dead for a year yet and they're bringing these stories out.
Mr Foster has said it took time for the family to come to terms with the allegations. He rhetorically posed the question:
Why would a man who raised so much money for charity, who gave so much of his own time and energy for others risk it all doing indecent criminal acts?
Members of Savile's family have themselves made allegations of sexual assault against the former star. His great niece, Caroline Robinson, according to the Daily Mail, told ITV's This Morning how Savile had molested her and that her grandmother knew about the abuse. Robinson stated her belief that Savile's older sister knew he was a predatory paedophile.
Guy Marsden, a nephew of Savile, also told the Daily Mail of his uncle attending "paedophile parties". Mr Marsden claimed that other members of the family were aware of Savile's behaviour. He said:
Now I am really pleased everyone knows the truth.