Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick searching for answers

Posted Oct 10, 2012 by Marina Todic
Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has yet to be convinced he has a fumbling problem. This despite the fact he has turned the ball over 11 times in five games this season, including two key fumbles in Sunday's loss 16-14 loss at Pittsburgh.
Vick actually lost the football three times in the Pittsburgh, first coughing it up at the end of a 9-yard run to the Steelers' 42 in the first quarter. Eagles coach Andy Reid challenged that call and it was overturned because his quarterback was ruled down by contact.
Later on the same drive, however, Vick gave up the football inside the 1-yard line as he was approaching the end zone, a miscue that turned out to be more than pivotal in what ended up being a two-point setback.
Vick's final fumble of the day came at the end of the first quarter on a run to the Eagles' 34 but didn't cost Philadelphia as the defense stiffened.
Vick now has six interceptions and five lost fumbles in 2012. To make matters worse, four of his mistakes have come at the absolute worst time, in the red zone, and two have been inside the 3-yard line. In total, Vick has fumbled the ball eight times this year, and has lost more fumbles than six NFL teams have total turnovers.
He is currently the NFL's active leader in fumbles for a quarterback with 84 (losing 39) over 116 games, and once fumbled 27 times over 30 games while with Atlanta in 2004-05. Vick also missed two full seasons while in prison and most of a third while he was working his way back with the Eagles.
Vick's refusal to acknowledge the problem has to be the most frustrating part for Reid and the Eagles.