Vancouver Canuck fans write, sing, film great parody of Gotye hit

Posted Apr 19, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
The Vancouver Canucks hockey team plays in a city renown for the amount of art it produces, something about being around all that nature perhaps. Does that help the team? Maybe not but their artistic fans seem to produce quality songs about them.
Fans of Vancouver Canucks in jerseys from different times of the team s history  West Georgia Street...
Fans of Vancouver Canucks in jerseys from different times of the team's history, West Georgia Street, Stanley Cup Final, Vancouver.
The latest is an amusing Youtube video parody of the Gotye hit Somebody That I Used to Know. Gotye is a Belgian/Australian singer, real name Wouter De Backer, and he produced a song and video that has a plaintive and melancholic feel. Perfect fodder for three musical Canuck fans who recognized it matched the feel of the Canucks Nation after their team marched to Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup final, only to lose (and have their city riot).
IFHT - Funny song, funny video
The group who created the parody are called IFHT, made up of Matt Dennison, Jason Lucas and Michele Chee, and they're pretty darn good singers and their video parody is genuinely funny, especially for hockey fans. It takes the paint-the-singer motif from the original and the singers are painted in Canucks logos. The entire piece is filmed in the manner of the original, even with movements, like a shoulder shrug, being copied. The lyrics though are brand new.
This is how it opens (using the familiar melody): "Now and then I think about the playoff's last year; When we lost in game seven it made me cry; Told myself that this would be our year; But then last season ended off in tears." Along the way there's a great Roberto Luongo joke and, again like the original, a cute woman with a haunting voice.
Other recent Canucks songs? Last year there was How the West was Won by Kyprios and when Mats Sundin signed with the Canucks in 2008 local radio station Rock 101 musical jocks Dean and Hatch did a parody of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown called Sundin; that song seems no longer available online.
Given the Canucks are on the verge of a first round upset loss this Stanley Cup playoff season, there seems a likelihood there will be another painful Canuck song produced soon.