'No Olympic Torch for Belfast', demands petition for Lennox

Posted Jan 25, 2012 by Ernest Dempsey
Supporters of the Belfast dog Lennox, held captive for euthanasia, demand that Belfast be denied the honor of the Olympic Torch unless it releases Lennox.
Closeup of the Olympic Torch during the Vancouver Olympics
Closeup of the Olympic Torch during the Vancouver Olympics
The international demand to get Lennox released by public appeal has entered a new phase with a call for boycotting the ceremony of the Olympic Torch scheduled to be carried through Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the dog has been held captive for death row for more than 600 days.
The petition, which is titled Free Lennox – No Olympic Torch for Belfast, says that Lennox has committed no crime but has been incarcerated only because of his physical appearance and what he “might” do.
Lennox was ripped from his home in May 2010 by the Belfast City Council and tried for being a possibly dangerous dog though he had no history of aggression. Appeals from his owner’s family have been denied and the case is now attracting international attention with large number of supporters from different parts of the world demanding his release to reunite with family, which, according to some reports, was intimidated by the council into surrendering the dog to the authorities.
The Olympic Flame is currently scheduled to pass through Belfast on June 6 this year. Supporters of Lennox are asking the Olympic Committee not to allow the flame to pass through Belfast unless the city releases the captive dog and return him to his owner family.
The petition urging the masses to boycott the Olympic Torch’s passage through Belfast is open to receiving signatures online at started at and a Facebook page has been launched to share it with users.