Egyptian Prime Minister holds urgent press conference

Posted Nov 25, 2011 by Jesse Rutigliano
Recently appointed Egyptian Prime minister Kamal Ganzouri held a press conference moments ago to talk about his government's formation.
Kamal Ganzouri  Prime Minister of Egypt
Kamal Ganzouri, Prime Minister of Egypt
File photo
Prime Minister Ganzouri said there will be amendments made to the constitution soon and it will be issued to the public. He also stated that fate has brought him to stand before the Egyptian people after a 10-year absence. Kamal Ganzouri served as Prime Minister under Hosni Mubarak in the 1990’s.
Prime Minister Ganzouri went on to say that it will be a real challenge to find unification in Egypt, but hopes to form a government that will serve all people, including himself. “Egypt needs to accept responsibility”
Mr. Ganzouri stated “The government will achieve the aspirations for this country. And I am willing to accept any suggestions for cabinet ministers”. However, the new cabinet will not be formed before Mondays elections.
He also stated that negotiations have started for the formation of a new government and Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi has no desire to stay in power.
However, protests still remain in Tahir Square for the ousting of Tantawi and his military rule.