Hugo movie — Martin Scorcese's latest film releases new trailer

Posted Oct 28, 2011 by Armando Tamayo
Martin Scorsese's latest movie Hugo has released a new trailer Wednesday. This is Scorsese's first family film and first attempt on 3D film making.
Martin Scorsese at Tribeca Film Festival in New York
Martin Scorsese at Tribeca Film Festival in New York
David Shankbone
The adventure film's latest trailer has a more serious tone - featuring Audiomachine's "Breath and Life" - the same music used in the previews of The Adjustment Bureau and The Fighter. The new trailer shows more of Ben Kingsley as the revolutionary French filmmaker Georges Méliès.
The second trailer's downbeat tone is in contrast to the first trailer released in July which has an upbeat and cheerful music. The first preview features the 30 seconds to Mars song "King and Queens" and shows more on Hugo's playful chase with the clumsy station inspector ( Sacha Baron Cohen).
The movie is set at Paris in the early 1930's, with an orphan boy named Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield) secretly living within the Paris train station. Hugo is caught up in an adventure when he discovered a mystery behind the connection of a broken automation and his late father ( Jude Law). A spate of events followed when he met a cold and reserved owner of a toy shop and an eccentric friend Isabelle ( Chloe Grace Moretz). The series of discoveries puts the orphan boy's secrets in great jeopardy and in some precarious situations.
Hugo is based on Brian Selznick's Caldecott Medal winning novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, about an orphan boy who resides at a train station in Paris in the 1930's.
Martin Scorsese bought the film rights of the book in 2007 and started filming at the Shepperton Studios in London in June 2010. The film also stars Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Marco Aponte, Emily Mortimer, Ray Winstone, France Dela Tour, Richard Griffiths and Johnny Depp.
Hugo is set for US release by Paramount Pictures on November 23, 2011.