Canada Post strike to begin in Winnipeg

Posted Jun 2, 2011 by KJ Mullins
The Canada Post strike is posed to begin midnight in Winnipeg lasting for 24 hours and then moving to another city, to be announced later.
Myke Waddy
CUPW announced during a press conference in Ottawa speaking in French and English:
"This morning we met with Canada Post and put forth our final offer. We think this negotiation is seven months old and it's time to move forward."
The union said that they had revised some of their demands. They let Canada Post understand that a strike would be taking post if the negotiations were not resolved during the meeting.
It is estimated that a postal strike will cost small businesses in Canada $200 to $250 a day.
The negotiations stem over the talk of job cuts while Canada Post is saying that the union is not being realistic about their wage demands. With more people moving to use paperless means to communicate Canada Post has had a 17 percent drop of usage over the past five years.
Canada Post says that they want to continue negotiating with CUPW. They have proposed the following:
The Short-Term Disability Program will be put on hold and will be reviewed by a joint union-management committee. If no agreement is negotiated, the issue would be referred to binding arbitration.
Employees hired in the future will have a starting wage of $19 an hour - rising to the same $26 an hour maximum as existing employees;
Employees hired in the future will have a Defined Benefit pension plan;
Employees hired in the future will have the same job security provisions as current regular employees;
Employees hired in the future will have up to six weeks of vacation based on the same schedule as current regular employees;
A study on the feasibility of retail business growth ideas in urban centres.