Two new scams currently being used by con artists in Ontario

Posted Mar 26, 2011 by KJ Mullins
Peel Regional Police announced two new scams being used in Ontario to fraud area residents, one that involves airline tickets and one that targets those in need of a job.
Con artists are offering a deal that looks too good to be true when it comes to discounted airline tickets because it's not true. Posing as travel agents the fraudsters are offering discounted prices that victims pay for using cash or money orders. A real ticket is then purchased by the 'agent' and given to the victim. What the victim doesn't know until they try to travel is that the ticket was purchased through fraudulent means from the airline. Victims arrive at the airport only to find that their ticket was canceled. The victim has to pay out of pocket at the airport in order to reach their destination.
Another scheme by scammers is targeting people in need of a job. The con artists claim to be looking for "agents" to receive and deposit cheques on the company’s behalf. The scheme asks potential agents to deposit company cheques into their own personal bank account and then forward 90% of the deposit back to the company by way of transfer. The agent then keeps 10 percent of the money as payment. The problem is that the deposited cheques are counterfeit and the victim is then responsible for the amount transferred to the suspect’s company.
Beware that large corporations do not employ “agents or “employees” on the basis of a phone call and will never ask you to transfer funds using a money transferring company.
Always be suspicious if someone asks you to make banking transactions that give you a percentage of funds unless you already know and trust that person.