Fitness trainer offers Toronto mayor-elect Ford to 'cut the fat' Special

Posted Nov 1, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Toronto mayor-elect Rob Ford has been the victim of many, many jokes due to his weight. Although Ford is also self-deprecating about the issue, one fitness trainer believes he can help train Ford to "cut the fat."
Toronto mayoral candidate  Rob Ford.
Toronto mayoral candidate, Rob Ford.
Throughout the Toronto municipal election, critics of Rob Ford criticized his weight by calling him “Mayor Double Down” – in reference to the latest KFC sandwich – and stating that he’s going to end the gravy train by eating it.
Even Ford himself has briefly joked about his weight during the mayoral debates: “I can stand to lose 100 pounds.”
On Wednesday, Poul Nielsen, owner of Nielsen Fitness, wrote a letter to the Toronto mayor-elect to offer his personalized training services in order to not just “cut the fat” from city hall but from his own body.
Nielsen told Digital Journal in an email that he would offer free personal one-on-one training with one of the company’s “great certified personal trainers” either at his residence or at city hall.
“I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join the many other Torontonians who are ‘cutting the fat’ with Nielsen Fitness – and work with us absolutely free for one year,” wrote Nielsen in a letter obtained by Digital Journal from the fitness trainer. “Our workouts are efficient, highly effective and don’t rely on lots of equipment – we can work with you anywhere.”
“If he can adhere to our program he will lose well over 100lbs,” said Nielsen, who has not assisted in the diet of any other public officials before. “We will give him guidelines and a framework to follow, one of the keys however is we believe moderation is the key. From time to time having a beer or an extra serving of your favourite dish is not always a bad thing.”