Israeli magician seals self into giant ice cube to break record

Posted Dec 31, 2009 by Stephanie Dearing
For Hezi Dayan, the challenge is all about breaking an endurance record set in 2000 by David Blaine. Blaine set the record which Dayan hopes to break.
Ice cubes  melting.
Ice cubes, melting.
Amy Stutzman
Tel Aviv, Israel - Magician and illusionist Hezi Dayan voluntarily put himself into an eight ton ice cube on December 29th, with the full intention of remaining inside the freezing cubicle until New Year's Eve. The feat, should Dayan manage to remain inside the cube, will make him the world record holder of an endurance record that surely will not have many people rushing to attempt to break. Called the 'Iceman' by Israeli news, Dayan told press "My aim is that at two or three in the morning, people on their way home from a night out will say, 'Come, let's go to the square and see if that loony is in his ice.'"
Should Dayan meet his goal, he will have spent 64 hours inside his chill cell, flat-out beating the former record holder, American David Blaine. Blaine spent 58 hours inside an ice cell in 2000. His stunt was set up in New York's Times Square. Paramedics are reported to be standing by to monitor Dayan's condition.
Dayan's cube is set up in Rabin square in Tel Aviv.
Blaine has done a number of stunts that has inspired others to repeat. For example, Blaine spent 44 days living in a box suspended over the Thames River in London, England in 2003. Living only off of water, the man lived in a transparent box where he endured all sorts of taunts by watchers. In a take on that theme, British man Stuart Kettell plans to live inside a glass box, suspended 20 feet in the air for one week. The stunt will raise funds for McMillan Cancer Support. He'll be in the box starting March 28, 2010.
Blaine's reputation took a hit in 2008 when it was discovered that he wasn't really doing what he said he would do. Blaine had set up a stunt where he would hang - for 60 consecutive hours - upside down. However, that was not the case, as a passer-by inadvertently discovered.
Israel's iceman has been drawing attention from curious on-lookers.