ASA may turn out as wonder drug against colon cancer

Posted Aug 11, 2009 by John Louie S. Ramos
In Chicago, a medical research's findings show that the common ASA can reduced the risk of colon cancer-related death by an astonishing 30 percent.
An aspirin a day...
An aspirin a day...
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The study which was led by Dr. Andrew Chan of Harvard Medical School in Boston and appeared on the Journal of the American Medical Association proves that taking ASA as well as continuous chemotherapy and surgery can benefit colon cancer patients.
"Among the 549 participants who used aspirin regularly after their diagnosis, 81 died from colorectal cancer (about 15 percent). In contrast, among the 730 people who didn't use aspirin, 141 died of the disease" (about 19 percent) the Yahoo! Health News reported.
Still, health regulators and even Dr. Chan himself does not recommend the absolute prescription of ASA. Chan believed that an across-the-board recommendation is premature and too early, thus he hopes to conduct more diverse and specific studies in line with the current research.
At the moment, ASA is used and prescribed in preventing heart attacks and strokes, as well as relieving minor headaches and pains.