Islamic banner gets mixed reactions from the public Special

Posted Jun 21, 2009 by Edwin Ladaga
An Islamic Roadshow in South London created mixed reactions from pedestrians when they displayed a banner that says: " Jesus was a Muslim".
Islamic Banner Promotion
Islamic Banner creates reaction from Passerby
Edwin Ladaga
Most people who believed in a certain form of Christianity were outraged by the banner. They felt insulted by the publicity stunt by the organizers.
A public bus driver shouted out loud from his vehicle that it was an outrageous way to attract attention.
Some people who have no religious affiliations find it very intriguing. In fact, they find it very funny that they enquired about the event and asked more questions about it.
The Islamic Roadshow was meant to bring an illuminating experience of what Life under the Shari'ah will really be like. Muslim men and women congregated in this busy shopping street in Tooting, South London and engaged in meaningful discussions with Muslims and non-Muslims alike; conversations varied from disproving Christianity as a belief to divulging the detailed intricacies of the economic, judicial, ruling and social systems of al-Islam.