Bittersweet Victory for Obama As US House Passes Stimulus Bill

Posted Jan 28, 2009 by Can Tran
In a developing story, it seems that US President Barack Obama’s massive economic stimulus bill was approved by the United States House of Representatives.
So far, United States President Barack Obama got what he wanted. Just now, the United States House of Representatives voted to approve Obama’s massive economic stimulus bill that is worth $819 billion dollars. Obama spent the last few days making the case of the stimulus bill before the United States Congress.
Only eleven House Democrats voted opposition. The bill was passed through the US House by a support of 244 votes. 188 have opposed Obama’s stimulus bill. However, it is not really a sweet victory for Obama.
Obama said that he wanted bipartisan support and wanted to work with Republicans. None of the House Republicans had voted in favor of the bill. That means the bill passed with no Republican support.
The bill is extremely expensive for what you get out of it,” explains GOP Representative Michael Castle of Delaware.
As the bill passes through the US House, it will now go through the US Senate. GOP Representatives believe that the economic stimulus package is not going to work at all.
Despite the unanimous opposition by House Republicans, the bill passed. Obama gave his applaud for the passing of the bill.
The workers who are returning home to tell their husbands and wives and children that they no longer have a job, and all those who live in fear that their job will be next on the cutting blocks, they need help now,” Obama said.
So far, it should be deemed a bittersweet victory for Obama. It should be considered a bitter victory as all the GOP Representatives voted to oppose the measure. Obama sought out GOP support. At the same time it is a sweet victory because it passed through the US House.
How, it is the US Senate’s turn to examine the stimulus bill before it arrives on Obama’s desk.
There is one question to be asked: Will Senate Republicans unanimously oppose the stimulus bill?