Derik Bonestroo Asked Victim If He Was A Christian

Posted Jan 8, 2009 by KJ Mullins
Derik Bonestroo walked into a building at his work in Boulder, Colorado firing a gun into the ceiling. He told those in the building if they weren't a Christian they were about to die.
Bonestroo was employed as a ski lift operator at Eldora Resort. On December 30 he killed general manager Brian Mahon after asking him if he was a Christian. Mahon replied he was Catholic. That answer bought him a bullet in the chest and head. Mahon is thought to have died instantly.
After murdering Mahon, Bonestroo fled in his car. He was chased by a Boulder sheriff's deputy. During the chase Bonestroo fired at the cruiser hitting it several times. The chase ended on Highway 119 where the deputy returned fire. Bonestroo was hit several times. He ended his own life shooting himself.
The police have revealed that Bonestroo was donning holsters on both of his thighs. A Glock handgun was in his right hand at the scene.
The police have since recovered several items from Bonestroo's apartment. They discovered a cat that had been stabbed several times. It is thought that the dead animal was the gunman's pet.
The police also found medication.
The police are not commenting on the mental state of their prisoner citing privacy laws.