Tattoo Remorse? New Ink Easily Erasable

Posted Aug 13, 2007 by RobotGod
Afraid of getting a tattoo because of it's permanent nature? Fear no more. A company called Freedom 2 offers permanent tattoos made with erasable ink. They promise it can be safely removed with just one laser session.
ABC News reports that a company named Freedom 2 can give you a tattoo that has the added benefit of being biodegradable and can be removed in just one laser session.
Very good news for people who change their minds, or for getting rid of that "Mary" tattoo after Mary left you and your current girlfriend is name Rachel.
According to an FDA report, 8 million of the 45 million Americans who have tattoos regret getting them. And removing a tattoo is expensive, painful and slow. A scenario that obviously hurts the tattoo industry. One laser treatment costs on average from $900 to $1,500. Completely removing a tattoo usually requires many treatments. Not to mention that you have to wait a month or two between those treatments. That can mean a year or more to get rid of the tattoo sometimes.
In steps Freedom 2. The ink is encased in tiny beads, which are injected into the skin. With just one laser treatment, the laser can pierce the beads, which allows the body to absorb the special ink.
Tattoo purists are already arguing that these are not "real" tattoos because they are not permanent.
"I just think it's cheap," said Joe Kuharic, a New Yorker who sports several tattoos. "If you can erase it at will, you cheapen the whole concept of a tattoo."
That may be true. But for those who don't want to commit to ink for a lifetime, this is a great concept. Then again, the person can opt to keep it forever, which is close enough to the real thing.