Bulldog raises Baby Bengal Tiger

Posted May 13, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

A bulldog in Japan raises a two week old Bengal Tiger.
A French bulldog raises a Bengal Tiger
A French bulldog raises a Bengal Tiger
This article is a slideshow, no other information is available, but is a good one for Mother’s Day.
A French bulldog is raising a two week old baby Bengal tiger, which was rejected by its mother.
This adoptive mother bulldog and the baby tiger can be seen at Shirotori Zoo in Higashikagwa, south western part of Japan.
Here are the pictures:
The French bulldog plays with a two-week-old baby Bengal tiger
These tigers can grow quickly and gain weight faster; it will be interesting to see how these two will respond together in the future. Hope they are friendly together in the Zoo. Nature provides all kinds of stuff fascinating to watch.