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article imageOp-Ed: Jeff Sessions plays a thrilling game of ‘resign, recuse, repent’

By Digital Journal Staff     Mar 3, 2017 in Politics
It’s time for another lighthearted look at the hard political topics of the Trumpweek that was. There’s no other way to put of it — from perjury claims to AOL emails, it was a bit of a roller coaster.
Jeff Sessions began his time as Attorney General in powerful form. It appeared that this no-nonsense Alabama legislator was going to take his pot-smoking KKK concerns and turn them into hard-edged enforcement efforts and stamp out the blooming industry of legal weed in the U.S. He was going to shut up all those annoying Democrats that insisted that Russia shouldn’t be meddling in U.S. elections. Oops. We might need to wait on those bold actions for a bit until the smoke screen of Russian influence stops reasserting itself over and over and over again.
There’s been a lot of talk about Donald’s mental health recently — given that his speech patterns would make most wandering geriatric patients sound like charming dinner guests — but maybe it’s time to worry about the Attorney General. The man stated that he can’t recall what he spoke to the Russian Ambassador about. Now, I know that this is the oldest, whitest, most doddering administration in a while, but this is truly remarkable. Time will tell if Sessions will be able to remember which states rights he decided to endorse and which to trample on as the administration bumbles ahead.
Meanwhile, it turns out that Chuck Schumer shared donuts and coffee with Putin back in 2003. While Schumer has done his best to shrug off this latest counterattack by the Donald of the United States, we at Digital Journal find it absolutely unconscionable. How could a true New Yorker offer a Russian former KGB agent anything as delicious as a donut? He deserved a cold pastrami sandwich, and nothing more. At least the coffee was probably terrible.
Another shocking revelation from the interweb: Mike Pence used an AOL email while discussing official Indiana business and said email was hacked. His account was used to try and scam his contacts out of money by pretending the Governor, his rigid haircut and his wife were stuck in the Philippines. According to all reports, no Nigerian princes were involved.
It is poetically appropriate that Pence used AOL as his personal/everybody’s business email — the email platform’s stripped-down, repressed aesthetic goes with his retro-fascism-futurist look. And if Pence was hoping that AOL would somehow become cool again before President Bannon leaves office, maybe it’s time to question his mental faculties as well.
And finally, it looks like the big guns are rolling out. Revered talk show host and book club commandant Oprah Winfrey unveiled this week that she will consider entering the 2020 race. That’s definitely not a concrete declaration, but so far, Oprah is polling way out in front of the Cardboard Republican Party and the Ghosts of Christmas Democrats’ Past party.
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