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article imageWatch this rare video of the Stygiomedusa Gigantea jellyfish

By David Silverberg     Aug 19, 2015 in Environment
YouTube user Phillip Trudeau says the Stygiomedusa Gigantea was spotted by a remotely operated vehicle at about 3,330 feet below sea level near the Gulf of Mexico. This jellyfish has only been seen around 100 times in the last century.
Surging online is this stunning video of the massive jellyfish, which has a disc-shaped bell that can be a metre wide, and has four arms that extend up to six metres in length.
As UPI writes, this species is "believed to be one of the largest predators among deep sea invertebrates."
The video, uploaded today, has already accumulated more than 100,00 views on YouTube.
In 2010, researchers also filmed the Stygiomedusa Gigantea creature off the Gulf of Mexico, the first time they spotted the creature in the region. Previously, this rare jellyfish was filmed swimming near the Pacific coast off Japan.
Another video from 2013 reportedly shows the same jellyfish swimming near an oil rig, as its large thin body seems to envelop everything around it.
According to the Smithsonian, the Stygiomedusa gigantea was apparently first observed in the Antarctic in 1901, when researchers reported the capture of a "large jellyfish," its weight was 90 pounds, "with arms or extremities about 12 yards long."
Twitter is buzzing with excitement about this footage, as we can see below:
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