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Divers take a plunge with an ocean giant: the Goliath grouper

Miami - At first glance, an adult goliath grouper can appear intimidating. Equipped with a capacious Edward G. Robinson-esque lower jaw and weighing as much as 360 kg, or 793 pounds, encountering one while you're diving or snorkeling can give you pause.
In the Media by Megan Hamilton - 2 comments

Cayman Islands will start reporting US citizens' offshore assets

In an effort to combat offshore tax evasion, the Cayman Islands signed an agreement with the United States. The agreement will enforce the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
In the Media by Owen Weldon

Scuba divers pitted against lionfish in a eco-gladiator battle

Gladiators had lions to contend with during the “blood sport” games in Ancient Rome. And when you think scuba divers, a sort of modern-day gladiator, you probably think of them contending with sharks, the “Jaws” that rule the ocean waters.
In the Media by W. Mark Dendy - 1 comment

Kate Middleton heads to delivery room via helicopter

London - The Internet buzzing as Kate Middleton reportedly heads to the hospital for the delivery of the newest addition to the Royal Family.
In the Media by Micki Hogan

Florida police find cocaine between man's toes, he claims not his

A man brought to police headquarters on an assault charge, was found with drugs between his toes. Martin Perez claimed he had no weapons or drugs on him and when the drug, it was cocaine, was found, Mr. Perez said it was "not mine."
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 5 comments

Health risks from contact with captive sea turtles

A new report has raised concerns about tourists coming into contact with captured sea turtles, such as those found at holiday attractions like aquariums. The risks relate to toxins and pathogens.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Op-Ed: How to derail the corporate tax evasion gravy train

Sydney - Corporate tax evasion is well known. However, there are a few holes in the methodology which might not be so legal. The Australian version of the situation may be a template for dealing with the situation.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 4 comments

The plight of money-laundering banks

Europe's largest bank, HSBC, faces the prospect of a billion dollar fine, as a US Senate Committee finds it had an operating culture that allowed it to launder suspected drugs and terrorism money.
In the Media by Steve Hayes - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Where did those trillions go in the big crash? To the Caymans

The front page of today's 'Financial Times' has a story about the Cayman Islands. Do you know where they are? Who lives there? The population? Or how much of your money has been squirrelled away there by the parasites of international finance?
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 6 comments

Hurricane Irene batters Caribbean, aims for Florida coast

Tropical Storm Irene was upgraded to a hurricane after she battered Puerto Rico packing 80 mph winds and heavy rains. Hurricane Irene, the first named storm of the season, has her eye on Florida and is expected to impact the Sunshine State by the weekend.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 6 comments

Psychotherapist : Reading good books is therapeutic Special

George Town - Books can heal you and reading good books is more than a hobby, it's a therapy in itself, says psychotherapist Dr. Richard Singer.
Digital Journal Report by Ernest Dempsey - 12 comments

New aggressive dengue strain hits thousands in Peruvian Amazon

A new and deadly strain of dengue fever has struck 13,000 people in the Peruvian Amazon region. 14 people have died, and approximately 1600 have been hospitalized. The outbreak has caught Peru's health authorities by surprise.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

Genetically modified mosquitoes released to combat dengue

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian scientists have released genetically modified male mosquitoes in Bentong, Pahang, without public approval, in an experiment to fight dengue fever in an uninhabited forested area.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 1 comment

Scuba diving gets easier with the HydroBOB

Fort Lauderdale - A British inventor has created a new underwater scooter that allows tourists to explore coral reefs without learning to scuba dive - or even swim. Vacationers can sit on the HydroBOB and dive to depths of 100ft at tourist sites around the world.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 2 comments

Caribbean Games kick off in Puerto Rico after storm delay

Mayaguez - A storm driven twister slammed into the stadium in the western town of Mayaguez hours before the CACSO games were due to begin. It tore down a lighting tower, smashing cars and injuring five people delaying the opening ceremonies of the games by a day.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman

6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes near Indonesia

Manado - Another strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake happened near the earthquake-prone nation of Indonesia and Australia in the Molucca Sea on Monday.
In the Media by Andrew Moran

Thriller author Dick Francis died at 89

Bestselling author and former jockey Dick Francis died at the age of 89 on Sunday. Francis rode as a jockey and after a successful career as a jockey started a second one as thriller writer. Soon he became abestselling author.
In the Media by Miroslav Kucera

Scott Bickel: From Neglect And Squalor To Author

From the squalor of inner city Cleveland, a young child of drug addicts finds his way into suburbia and success. This is the story of Scott Anthony Bickel.
In the Media by Andrew Boggs - 1 comment

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Cayman Islands

Another earthquake has rocked the Caribbean region after a 5.8 magnitude quake struck the Cayman Islands but no injuries or deaths have been reported.
In the Media by Andrew Moran

U.K. Government to Guarantee Bail Out of Tax Haven

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Western Caribbean, are set to receive a £38 million ($60 million, CI$50 million) bail-out, guaranteed by the British government, after suffering a 35-40 per cent fall in revenue during 2009.
In the Media by Chris Dade
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