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Top News: Environment

S.F. Zoo workers say young gorilla's death was avoidable

San Francisco - Animal caretakers at San Francisco Zoo say the Nov. 7 death of a young endangered gorilla in its enclosure could have been prevented.

Soil microbes can help tackle climate change

Researchers have developed a new climate change modeling tool. The tool shows that carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, as result of greater plant growth can be offset by changes in the activity of soil microbes.

Op-Ed: Burnaby and activists join battle to protect Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby - Both the city of Burnaby BC just outside of Vancouver along with environmental activists are joining battle against Kinder Morgan

Industrial acid deposits are turning Canadian lakes to jelly

New research into decreasing calcium levels in a number of Canadian lakes has shown that we are still experiencing the effects of industrialization, and it's not climate related. Instead, it's a new problem, and a legacy of acid rain.

They're calling upstate New York 'Buffa-snow'

Buffalo - Upstate New York continues to dig its way out of the wintery blast of lake effect snow that pummeled Buffalo for a third day on Thursday – They've even taken to calling the hard-hit area ‘Buffa–snow.’

Protesters stop Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain, arrests made

The RCMP arrested some 14 protesters on Burnaby Mountain today but not before the work being done there was again shut down for a time. Workers came, began work, saw that the protesters remained on the site, and stopped.

Op-Ed: Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline Narrowly defeated in Senate

The Keystone XL pipeline, recently approved by the House of Representatives, narrowly missed approval in the Senate on November 18. Myself and many others, private citizens and environmental groups, let out a big collective sigh of temporary relief.

Op-Ed: NASA releases video of global CO2, and it’s an ugly sight

Sydney - Forget the hype, check out the fact. The patterns of CO2 circulation in the atmosphere, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, are pretty repulsive looking things. China’s notorious smog is clearly visible, and the United States isn’t much better.

57 tons of garbage removed from national marine monument

Imagine if you will, a 57 ton pile of garbage sitting in your front yard. It's not a pretty sight. Now, imagine a beautiful underwater world, teeming with living corals and sea creatures, all trying to survive with 57 tons of garbage on top of them.

Op-Ed: Fukushima disaster — Ignorance is bliss despite the dangers

Little is reported in the media about the clean up after the Fukushima Power Plant disaster. After three years of cover-ups and misleading information, released to quell public fears, there is still reason to be wary. The danger is still very real.

‘Inspirational’ Dutch teenager wins UN's top environmental award

Geneva - Dutchman Boyan Slat has become the youngest ever winner of the United Nations’ top environmental accolade, the Champions of the Earth Award for his inspirational work to clean up the world’s oceans.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline: Were there other options? Promoted

The many critics of Florida’s Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline have already made numerous compelling arguments why the project is an unnecessary boondoggle.

The hiatus is over — Ocean temperatures rising again

Global warming is not slowing down. A new report based on an analysis of ocean temperature datasets shows that as of January 2014, temperatures in the world's oceans have started to rise again after taking a 13-year hiatus.

Photo essay: Defending Burnaby Mountain Special

Burnaby - This short report documents the location and every day life of Burnaby Mountain protesters against Kinder Morgan pipeline.

GMO bans in Europe set to progress

An environmental committee of the European Parliament has approved legislation that allows member states to ban genetically engineered crops.

Butterfly eye-spots help ward off predators

Biologists have found that patterned coloration on the wings of butterflies (sometimes called "eye-spots") are an effective means of distracting predators from vital body parts.

Op-Ed: Controversial wolf hunt approved in Idaho

Salmon - In a move steeped in controversy, the Bureau of Land Management on Thursday approved a recreation permit allowing for a hunting contest, open to children and adults alike, to take place on public lands in Idaho.

Amazon tribe defies Brazilian government and marks its own land

Amazonas - In direct response to the Brazilian government's plan to build two mega dams that would flood their traditional lands, an indigenous group is auto-demarcating their own territory and say they will die before they leave it.

Fighting a fungus that's killing America's wild snakes

Since the early 2000s, a fungal infection has been devastating wild snake populations in the Midwest and eastern U.S.. The impact of the disease on the ecosystem has taken on greater significance, prompting further studies to find a cause and cure.
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Top News: Environment
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