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Top News: Environment

B.C. government and First Nations to phase out 17 fish farms

Vancouver - B.C. First Nations and the provincial government have agreed to shut down 17 open-net fish farms in the Broughton Archipelago in what may be the biggest shake-up in the history of the controversial fish farm industry.

Dutch build artificial islands to bring wildlife back

Lelystad - Dutch ranger Andre Donker sighs as he looks out at the rippling grey waters of the Markermeer, one of Europe's largest freshwater lakes. "Once upon a time it was teeming with fish here," he says.

Nations inch towards climate deal at marathon UN summit

Katowice - Nations on Saturday inched towards a deal to implement the Paris climate goals, after all-night negotiations over a plan to limit global temperature rises exposed a range of conflicts.

Organic food may be worse for the climate

It may come as a surprise, given the avoidance of chemical fertilizers, but a new report suggests that organic food has a greater environmental impact compared with conventionally farmed food.

Oceans of garbage prompt war on plastics

Paris - Faced with images of turtles smothered by plastic bags, beaches carpeted with garbage and islands of trash floating in the oceans, environmentalists say the world is waking up to the need to tackle plastic pollution at the source.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan declares 'climate emergency'

London - London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has declared a climate emergency and urged the UK government to do more to avert an ecological breakdown that he says poses an existential threat to future generations.

UN climate talks 'deadlocked' on key issues: top China diplomat

Katowice - UN negotiations aimed at preventing runaway global warming remain deadlocked less than 24 hours before the 12-day talks are set to end, China's top climate diplomat said Thursday.

Brazil keeps eye on Amazon deforestation with satellites

S - The vast Amazon forest may be hard to penetrate, posing a problem for authorities trying to stop illegal logging -- but there are still eyes in the sky keeping track of the destruction.

Nations 'face extinction' without instant climate action

Katowice - Dozens of nations threatened with catastrophe from unchecked climate change warned Thursday they "face extinction" without immediate action to rein in mankind's emissions, as UN climate talks limped towards their conclusion.

Arctic's record warming driving 'broad change' in environment: study

Washington - Global warming is heating the Arctic at a record pace, driving broad environmental changes across the planet, including extreme storms in the United States and Europe, a major US scientific report said Tuesday.

US, Saudi, Russia 'insulted' key global warming report: Al Gore

Oslo - Former US vice president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore on Tuesday slammed the world's top oil producers -- his own country, Saudi Arabia and Russia -- for "insulting" a key and alarming report on climate change.

Amazon suffering 'epidemic' of illegal gold mines

Rio De Janeiro - Illegal gold mining in the Amazon has reached "epidemic" proportions in recent years, causing damage to pristine forest and waterways, a conservation group said Monday as it released an unprecedented new map of the activities.

US, Saudi Arabia back-of-the-pack on curbing climate change

Katowice - The United States and Saudi Arabia rank last when it comes to curbing climate change among the 56 nations accounting for 90 percent of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, researchers said Monday.

Q&A: How any energy company can deliver zero carbon emissions Special

Xcel energy have announced they will reduce its carbon emissions 100 percent by 2050. Environmental consultants As You Sow have been working with Xcel Energy over several years. Lila Holzman explains the involvement.

Brazil's Bolsonaro completes cabinet with rightist environment chief

S - Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, a longtime climate-change skeptic, has named a rightist lawyer with a contentious background to be environment minister in the country whose Amazon rainforest is under threat.

New step taken towards smart carbon capture

Tokyo - Researchers from Japan have achieved the process of direct electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide. This success raises hopes of developing a process for smart carbon capture.

Thousands march for climate in Paris despite 'yellow vest' unrest

Paris - Up to 25,000 people marched through Paris on Saturday urging greater action on climate change, despite fears that their protest would be scuppered by "yellow vest" demonstrations.

Senate makes a tough choice — Salmon or sea lions?

A bill that would make it easier to kill sea lions that feast on imperiled salmon in the Pacific Northwest has cleared the U.S. Senate.

Brazil denies Total license to drill near Amazon mouth

Bras - Brazil's environmental regulator on Friday denied French oil giant Total a license to drill for crude in five blocks near the mouth of the Amazon river.
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Top News: Environment