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Top News: Environment

El Nino cause of rare occurrence — Three hurricanes at once

It has never happened before, at least since weather records have been kept, but this past weekend, the world saw three very powerful category 4 tropical cyclones swirling in the central and eastern basins of the Pacific Ocean.

Obama tours glacier to highlight march of climate change

Clear - US President Barack Obama viewed Alaska's monumental Exit Glacier, in a bid to drive home the impact climate change is already having on America.

Diseased discards from fishermen harming turtle population

A new report warns that fishermen discards are increasing the prevalence of turtle disease in Turks and Caicos. This is due to the practice that concentrates up the numbers of infected animals.

Japan arrests 'Flipper' trainer as dolphin hunt starts

Toukyo - Japanese police said Tuesday they had arrested US animal rights activist Ric O'Barry, who trained dolphins for the TV show "Flipper", near the town of Taiji as it kicked off its controversial dolphin hunt.

River Thames is full of marine life

London - When one thinks of places to watch marine life, the River Thames is not the location that springs to mind. However, in recent years sightings of marine animals have been increasing.

Dutch govt to appeal court ruling on slashing greenhouse gases

Den Haag - The Dutch government said Tuesday it would appeal a landmark court ruling ordering it to slash greenhouse gases across the country by 25 percent by 2020.

Obama, in Alaska, says world must speed climate change fight

Anchorage - US President Barack Obama has warned that climate change is no longer a problem of the future, but rather a challenge for now and one that will define the next century as he made a landmark visit to Alaska.

Cash crunch for Paris conference: UN climate chief

Bonn - Crunch climate negotiations opened in Bonn Monday with a UN official urging countries to replenish coffers for the critical Paris conference tasked with sealing a global carbon-curbing pact in December.

China passes yet another law on air pollution and coal use

Beijing - Legislators in China have approved amendments to the country's 15-year-old air pollution law that grants the state more powers to punish offenders, as well as allowing the state a clearer path to capping coal consumption, the biggest source of smog.

Obama to wage climate fight at Alaskan frontline

Washington - Alaska is often just a fuel stop for US presidents headed for Asia, but Barack Obama will spend three days in The Last Frontier next week and become the first sitting US president to visit the Alaskan Arctic, the setting of the most spectacular impacts...

Nova Scotia woman forced to connect to power grid

Clark's Harbour - Cheryl Smith was building a small house close to Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada a year ago. The house remains unfinished as she has been denied an occupancy permit since her plans do not include hooking up to the electrical grid.

Controversial badger cull to be extended

Bristol - The hotly debated issue of culling badgers in the U.K. has arisen again with plans by the British government to extend areas where shooting badgers is permitted to Dorset.

Op-Ed: NASA says 91.44cm sea level rise ‘locked in’ by existing warming

Sydney - The news isn’t great, but nobody would have expected it to be otherwise. An expected sea level rise of 3 feet, more or less, will definitely happen. NASA will be mounting a study to monitor and assess future sea level rises.

Metro Vancouver water restrictions to continue indefinitely

Due to an extremely hot summer Vancouver and area has had their water usage restricted since July 20 and it looks like that is going to continue. A spokesman for Metro Vancouver said a forecast for heavy rain over the weekend won't change the situation.

Water use plummets in drought-plagued California

Los Angeles - Mandatory water-saving measures in place to fight California's historic drought have produced a sizeable drop in consumption over the past two months, regulators said.

Invasive caterpillar spreads through U.K.

London - An invasive caterpillar, which munches through hedges and other plants, is crawling out of London and into the rest of the U.K. Experts are concerned about the devastation it will cause.

Opening of Crystal Geyser water bottling plant in Calif. opposed

A local citizens group in California is taking Crystal River bottling company to court, claiming the company doesn't have the proper permits and is in violation of land-use provisions by opening a water bottling plant during a drought.

Injured orca whale in B.C. waters cut by boater's propeller

A young killer whale, also known as an orca, has been spotted in Johnstone Straight off the coast of Vancouver Island with a fresh cut this week. The whale's flank and dorsal fin was cut but though a long wound it may not be serious.

Thailand destroys ivory stockpile amid junta crackdown

Bangkok - Thailand destroyed more than two tonnes of ivory Wednesday -- a victory for animal rights groups fighting against the trade in a country renowned for being a hub for illegal tusks.
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Top News: Environment
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