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Top News: Environment

Alert issued as cobia, an invasive fish spreads in Pacific Ocean

Scientists in Panama have released an alert as cobia, a potentially invasive fish spreads in the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean.

5.8-magnitude quake hits New Zealand city: USGS

Wellington - A 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch Sunday, seismologists said, sending goods flying off shelves.

Increased pollution levels can make fish intoxicated

We have already found out how plastics are harming the planet's oceans and seabirds, but plastic is only one danger to marine life. Pollution and climate change are on track to create havoc with sea creatures, making them drunk as skunks.

Northern California crabbing industry gets OK to resume harvest

San Francisco - Northern California's crabbing fleet could return to Pacific Ocean waters as early as next week after state regulators approved the catch as safe to eat, three months after the traditional start of the annual season.

Are birds keeping wildfires in northern Australia going?

Humans aren't the only creatures on Earth that have learned to use fire as a tool. Two species of birds may be purposely starting wildfires in Australia to force their prey out of hiding.

6.5-magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia: USGS

Jakarta - A powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia late Friday, but no tsunami warning was immediately issued, US seismologists said.

Last protesters surrender at Oregon wildlife refuge

Burns - The last four protesters occupying a national wildlife refuge in Oregon surrendered without a shot Thursday, ending a 41-day occupation that attracted national attention but did not spark outrage over federal land policies that militants hoped for.

After 16 weeks of uncertainty, Massive gas leak in Calif. plugged

Los Angeles - A massive gas leak at a natural gas storage well in Southern California that has gushed uncontrollably since October 23 has finally been plugged, according to the utility company.

India's smog-choked capital to resume car ban in April

New Delhi - New Delhi will restart draconian driving restrictions that will take around a million cars off the roads, to combat air quality in the world's most polluted capital, the government said Thursday.

Long Johns will be the best gift to give this Valentine's Day

Don't expect everything to be coming up hearts and flowers this coming Valentine's Day weekend, and if you're still undecided about the perfect gift to give your sweetheart, a heavy scarf or long johns might be appropriate. It's going to be cold, folks.

Lithium battery component poses environmental risk

A component from lithium batteries — used to power laptops and smartphones — has been found to affect the ecosystem by inhibiting a beneficial bacterium that process toxins.

Fukushima chief confident new disaster won't threaten clean-up

- The chief of Japan's shuttered Fukushima nuclear power plant warned Wednesday that the biggest risk the crippled facility faces is another major earthquake and tsunami -- though insisted the chaos of nearly five years ago won't be repeated.

Supreme Court deals blow to Obama climate plan

Washington - The US Supreme Court has put on hold a sweeping plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fueled power plants, dealing a significant blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to rein in climate change.

Guess which country is least concerned about climate change?

Climate change and global warming are part of the everyday lexicon, despite the causes and extent of the "change" being disputed. Across different countries concern varies. Perhaps surprisingly one leading nation is least concerned of all.

Europe’s green farming projects as ‘too costly’

Recently pilot studies and initiatives aimed to develop ‘green farming’ have been undertaken in Europe. The aim is to create more sustainable agriculture. There are different measures of success. On cost effectiveness the studies appear to have failed

Shark attacks on the rise globally as human population increases

There were 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2015, with the U.S., Australia and South Africa witnessing the highest numbers.

Swaziland plans to relocate 18 elephants to American zoos

Swaziland is planning to transfer 18 wild elephants in a Boeing 747 plane to United States in order to relocate them to three American zoos. In exchange, the zoos will be contributing $450,000 to a wildlife conservation trust in Swaziland for rhinos.

Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after warm January

Boulder - Usually at this time of the year, Arctic sea ice is building up to its yearly maximum, making the region almost impenetrable to all but the toughest icebreakers. However, January has been unusually warm, leaving the ice extent lower than average.

Bayer refuses to pull insecticide despite EPA's request

German chemicals company Bayer AG on Friday rejected an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) request to pull its Belt insecticide from the U.S. marketplace.
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Top News: Environment
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