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Top News: Environment

Earth Day 2018 – 'End Plastic Pollution'

From poisoning and injuring marine life and seabirds to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches, roadways, and landscape, to clogging our rivers and streams — plastics are now threatening the very survival of our planet.

Southwest and High Plains fire conditions 'extreme to historic'

Following widespread blowing dust and wildfire activity early this week in the Southwest and central and southern High Plains, a resurgence of strong winds at midweek will perpetuate the fire threat.

Researchers find 'catastrophic' coral die-off on Great Barrier Reef

Sydney - Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffered a "catastrophic die-off" of coral during an extended heatwave in 2016, threatening a broader range of reef life than previously feared, a report revealed Thursday.

China fights big smog with big air purifier

Xian - China has a found a novel way to tackle its massive air pollution problem: Putting up a giant air purifier the size of an industrial smokestack in the middle of a smog-plagued city.

Iran lawmakers slam crackdown on environmentalists

Tehran - An Iranian lawmaker on Tuesday criticised a recent crackdown on environmental activists and officials, saying it risked "bad consequences for the country", the semi-official ISNA news agency reported.

Poland broke EU law by logging in ancient forest: court

Luxembourg - Poland's rightwing government broke the law by logging in one of Europe's last primeval forests, a UNESCO world heritage site, the European Union's top court ruled Tuesday.

Large bushfire burns near homes on Sydney outskirts

Sydney - Hundreds of firefighters were Monday battling a large bushfire that was raging near Sydney suburbs, with authorities saying it was "miraculous" no houses had been damaged and no-one had been injured.

Abnormally warm Atlantic waters found off Nova Scotia

Halifax - While Nova Scotia, Canada was digging out from a spring snowstorm this week, about 200 kilometers (124 miles) off the coast, scientists were recording record-high ocean temperatures in deep water that reached 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).

Climate change runs AMOC with Atlantic currents: studies

Paris - A system of Atlantic Ocean currents that regulates global weather is at its feeblest in 1,600 years, weakened partly by climate change, said researchers Wednesday, warning of trouble ahead.

Drilling not far off as BP Canada moves drill-unit to Nova Scotia

BP’s role in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is one reason an "unwelcome party" is being held in front of the BP Office’s on Hollis Street in Halifax, N.S. today. BP Canada has been authorized to move their drilling unit into N.S. waters for drilling.

New Zealand halts new offshore oil and gas exploration

Wellington - New Zealand is halting all new offshore oil and gas exploration to become a global leader in the fight against climate change, the centre-left government said Thursday, but opponents accused it of "economic vandalism".

Op-Ed: Dumb move of the week — NRC approves two nuke plants in Florida

Homestead - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has authorized its staff to issue Combined Licenses for Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point site in Florida. FPL now has permission to build and operate two AP1000 reactors at the site, about 25 miles south of Miami.

Cyprus on frontline against lionfish invasion of Med

Equipped with harpoons and waterproof notebooks, Louis, Carlos and Antonis dive deep into the crystal clear waters of Konnos Bay in Cyprus on a mission to capture predatory lionfish.

Power down as fierce storm hits Auckland

Auckland - Up to a quarter of homes in Auckland were without power Wednesday after a wild storm packing winds of more than 200kmh (125mph) lashed New Zealand's largest city.The storm hit the city of 1.

One killed as landslide engulfs houses in Japan

Apo - A man has been found dead and several people are missing after a landslide engulfed houses in southern Japan on Wednesday, local officials said.

Chile raises alert over eruption threat at the Chillan volcano

Chill - A column of white smoke and a string of tremors at the Nevados de Chillan have prompted officials to raise the level of alert ahead of a possible eruption at one of the most active volcanoes in Chile.

Bolivia's jaguars facing threat from Chinese fang craze

La Paz - Bolivia's once-thriving jaguar population is loping into the cross-hairs of a growing threat from poachers responding to growing Chinese demand for the animal's teeth and skull.

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be a bit above average

For the past 15 years, the Colorado State University hurricane research team has issued the Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecast. And with the official start of the season coming up on June 1, it looks to be a little busier than usual.

WaterChain: An ICO to clean up the world’s water

The startup WaterChain is developing a blockchain solution for the water industry. The aim is to help clean up the water industry and reduce the number of deaths globally that occur due to unsanitary water.
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Top News: Environment

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