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Top News: Environment

Op-Ed: How far up the ladder did the #Fukushima cover up really go?

Tokyo - About the only country today where a public apology is still accepted is in Japan, and quite honestly, this writer has always thought life would be so much more simpler if that's all it took to right a profound wrong.

Oil spill contaminates river in Peruvian Amazon

Peru's state energy company has reported an oil spill in a tributary of Amazon, third major one this year and 21st in last five years, raising fears of yet more pollution of the water and fish on which indigenous villages and riverside communities depend.

Hyena attacks teen in S.Africa's Kruger Park

Johanesburg - A 15-year-old was in a serious condition Monday after he was attacked in his tent by a hyena at South Africa's world famous Kruger National Park, officials said.

Snow algae accelerate glacier melting

Leeds - A new environmental study indicates that red pigmented snow algae are strongly implicated with the melting Arctic glaciers. Data suggests a 13 percent reduction of the albedo during one year was caused by snow algal blooms.

West Virginia disaster declared as U.S. flood toll hits 24

Washington - The death toll from flooding in the US state of West Virginia rose to 24, as President Barack Obama declared a major disaster, releasing federal aid for the hardest-hit areas.

Mayflies show up on radar at Detroit

Detroit - It is now the peak season for fish flies to hatch in Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. Fish flies, Mayflies, or shadflies emerge from bodies of water to hover around lights, cling to walls, mate and then die, all within the scope of about two days.

Op-Ed: UK's Brexit vote will undermine environmental regulations

Reverberations from the Brexit vote continue to be felt in just about every aspect of life in the UK, EU and for that matter, around the world. But the environment was low on the list of priorities for voters in their decision to leave the EU.

West Virginia flooding death toll rises to 26 people

The bodies of three more people were found overnight Saturday in West Virginia, bringing the death toll to 26 people in the worst flash flooding to hit the United States since 2010.

Red kites in Scotland have taken to stealing underwear

Aberdeen - Red kites have been swooping down when swimmers peel off their clothes take a dip at a popular bathing spot near Glen Esk in Scotland. What are the birds doing with the garments?

West Virginia floods leave 14 people dead, says governor

White Sulphur Springs - At least 14 people have lost their lives and 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed after powerful storms swamped West Virginia Thursday night, prompting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to declare a state of emergency in 44 counties.

23 dead in West Virginia floods

Washington - Flooding in the US state of West Virginia killed 23 people and stranded others who had to be plucked from rooftops and rescued from fast-moving waters, state officials said."The damage is widespread and devastating.

California fire destroys 80 buildings, closes highways

Los Angeles - A fast-spreading fire in central California has destroyed at least 80 buildings and is threatening 1,500 more, prompting the evacuation of 10 neighborhoods, the authorities said Thursday night.

How drones, satellites and LIDAR tech help in fighting wildfires

It wasn't too many years ago that pick axes and shovels made up the primary tools firefighters had at their disposal when fighting brush or forest fires. But modern technology had changed the way we look at, as well as the way we fight fires.

Boyan Slat's dream of cleaning up the oceans becomes reality

The world's first prototype ocean barrier that could catch almost 80 percent of plastics floating on the Ocean's surface is set to be deployed this week, the marine litter initiative, Ocean Cleanup announced on Wednesday.

China mounts rescue efforts as tornado toll hits 98

Yancheng - Survivors scrabbled through the rubble of their homes Friday after hurricane-force winds and a tornado left at least 98 dead in China, with hundreds more injured.

Kenya's jumbo 'ele-fence' to stop human-wildlife conflict

- Machete in hand, Kenyan farmer Paul Njoroge points at the broken branches and giant footprints where elephants trampled his bananas, maize, potatoes and sugar cane.

Cyprus brings deadly wildfire under control

Nicosia - Cyprus finally brought a massive wildfire under control on Thursday after a five-day battle that saw two firefighters killed and five foreign governments send aircraft to help, a minister said.

Man electrocuted as heavy storms batter Netherlands

Den Haag - Heavy storms swept the Netherlands Thursday leaving one man dead after he was electrocuted in his flooded cellar where he was growing cannabis, police and media said.

78 dead, 500 hurt by storms in eastern China

Bejing - Hurricane-force winds, freak hailstorms, pounding rain and a tornado killed 78 people in China's eastern province of Jiangsu on Thursday and injured nearly 500 others, Xinhua reported.
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Top News: Environment