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Top News: Environment

Trump can't stop progress on climate, says Al Gore

Cannes - Not even Donald Trump can stop the campaign to roll back climate change, Al Gore said Monday as the former US vice president's sequel to Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" screened at the Cannes film festival.

Schwarzenegger says you can have four Hummers and still save planet

Cannes - Arnold Schwarzenegger has four Hummers and likes nothing better than getting up at 5am to ride his Harley Davidson to the beach for breakfast. Yet "The Terminator" star insists that should not stop him being an environmental evangelist.

Storm clouds swirling around Kinder Morgan pipeline plans

Vancouver - In the midst of the B.C. election count, and the chances of the Greens holding power if a minority government is confirmed, Kinder Morgan's plan to raise money for the Trans Mountain pipeline extension at this time may perhaps, be a bad idea.

Swiss vote for gradual nuclear phaseout, energy makeover

Geneva - The Swiss voted Sunday in favour of a massive overhaul of the country's energy system by gradually replacing the power from its ageing nuclear reactors with renewable sources.A full 58.

Flame retardant material from bacteria-on-sponge

San Diego - Bacteria found on a marine sponge can produce toxic flame retardant-like compounds, according to a new study. Researchers are investigating the human health implications of the discovery.

'Stone Age' Trump going back to horse and cart says Schwarzenegger

Cannes - Arnold Schwarzenegger laid into US President Donald Trump Sunday, saying his plans to revive coal would bring the world back to the horse and cart."He's back in the Stone Age," the Hollywood star told AFP.

Swiss to vote on gradual nuclear phaseout, energy makeover

Geneva - The Swiss will vote in a referendum Sunday on a planned overhaul of the country's energy system by gradually replacing the power from its ageing nuclear reactors with renewable sources.

Antarctica not only getting warmer, it's also getting greener

Our perception of Antarctica is beginning to change, especially as the climate continues to warm. The Antarctica we have always seen as a snowy, frigid, and inhospitable place is being transformed dramatically.

Plant disease patterns offer clues about climate change

General atmospheric models provide an indicator of climate change. More sensitive models are needed to understand what is happening on ground level, however. One way to do this, new research highlights, is by tacking the spread of plant pathogens.

Norway to boost climate change defences of 'doomsday' seed vault

Stockholm - Norway on Saturday said it would boost protection of a seed storage vault designed to protect the world's crops from disaster, after soaring temperatures caused water to leak into its entrance.

Most contaminated places in the home identified

Philadelphia - There's been a lot of coverage about contamination in the environment and microbial risks in hospitals, but how about your home? Two new studies highlight the dirtiest places in the typical house.

World's 'Doomsday' seed vault has been breached by climate change

The Svalbard seed storage facility was built to withstand the test of time - and the challenge of any natural or man-made disasters. However, the repository for the globe's diversity of crops has not been able to withstand climate change.

Sea salt is contaminated with micro plastics, study finds

An analysis of 16 brands of sea salt originating from eight different countries found all but one contained traces of micro plastics

Half of buildings on Toronto Island threatened by rising waters

After Toronto Mayor John Tory took a tour of the flood-ravaged Toronto Island Friday morning, he said it would be late in the summer before water levels subsided enough to allow visitors back into the popular recreation destination.

Seven dead, 19 missing in Haiti storms

Port-au-prince - Seven people have died and 19 fishermen are reported lost at sea after two days of heavy rain lashed Haiti, the interior ministry said Friday.

Hopes for climate pact shift to diplomatic sphere

Bonn - After frustrating talks in Bonn with an American delegation in limbo, UN climate negotiators are pinning their hopes for the Paris Agreement's future on diplomatic arm-twisting at the highest level.

Want differently colored corn? You’ve got it

Consumers, it seems, want the best of both worlds. There is a desire for new ‘fresh’ looking food and there is a desire for only natural ingredients to be used. This stretches to food dyes as well. Researchers have developed natural dyes for corn.

India's Ken-Betwa river-link project opposed by environmentalists

In another clash over India's dwindling water resources, environmental activists have decried the Forest Advisory Committee's plans to go ahead with the Ken-Betwa river-link project without any of the recommended changes.

Rising seas set to double coastal flooding by 2050: study

Paris - Rising sea levels driven by global warming are on track to dramatically boost the frequency of coastal flooding worldwide by mid-century, especially in tropical regions, researchers said Thursday.
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Top News: Environment