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Top News: Environment

BP agrees to settle claims from 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

New Orleans - Oil giant BP Plc has agreed to pay nearly $19 billion in penalties to U.S. and state agencies to resolve claims still outstanding from a 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 and ravaged the southern U.S. coastline.

Roaring success: Lions return to Rwanda, with rhinos next?

Kigali - Groggy on their paws after waking from tranquillizers, lions have returned to Rwanda for the first time since the endangered animal was wiped out following the country's 1994 genocide.

China using animals to predict earthquakes: Report

Bejing - Chinese government researchers are using chickens, fish and toads to try to predict earthquakes, media reported.

Thousands of people displaced as wildfires rage in western Canada

Regina - Wildfires burning in Saskatchewan on Saturday crossed fail-safe lines, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents of a community that includes the province's largest First Nation. Almost 5,000 evacuees are being taken to Alberta.

Lion cubs relocated from impoverished Gaza to Jordan

Gaza - Two lions cubs were on Sunday taken from a Gaza Strip refugee camp to Jordan, their former owner said, after their maintenance became too great a financial burden."We're very sad.

11 shark attacks in Carolinas scare beachgoers, puzzle experts

A shark attacked a man on Wednesday off North Carolina's coast, bringing the number of attacks in the Carolinas to 11 for 2015. Experts agree that the number of attacks is strange, but are still searching for why this is happening.

Half-eaten catches signal return of sharks to Outer Banks

Complaints by fishermen who are reeling in half-eaten fish, as well as an apparent increase in shark attacks along the North Carolina coast are making headlines. Everyone planning on going to the beach has been freaking out, wondering what's going on.

Wildfires in Canada prompt evacuations and air quality advisories

Canada's fire season broke out early this year, with wildfires popping up in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta in late May. As the season continues, large swaths of western Canada and the U.S. have been blanketed with hazy smoke.

China steps up on 'war' against pollution with more punishments

Beijing - Beijing officials have declared a war on pollution, vowing to abandon its previous economic model of growth at the expense of China's natural resources.

Solar power to supply record of 15% of UK’s power Special

Today sees solar power potentially provide a record 15 percent of all UK power as one of 2015’s sunniest days. As U.K. temperatures rise, so do solar panel installations it seems.

Southern pines in U.S. doing better than expected

Atlanta - In the U.S., Southern tree farmers have been worried about a spate of unexpected pine tree deaths. University researchers have concluded that the rate of decline will slowdown and that farmers have little to worry about.

Hawaii plastic bag ban goes into effect

Honolulu - As of Wednesday, grocery stores across the entire state of Hawaii are banned from distributing plastic bags to customers.

San Diego posts huge cuts in water consumption

Latest figures released by the State Water Resources Control Board Wednesday show the City of San Diego reduced water consumption by 26 percent in May.

Feds designate over 5,000 acres in Nevada for rare butterfly

Las Vegas - A rare and endangered butterfly, just a little bit bigger than a quarter, is being given habitat insurance by the federal government. Only found on Mt. Charleston, near Las Vegas, Nevada, the butterfly has been given 5,200 acres of critical habitat.

Pollution may be good for trees

Washington - Bizarre as it may seem, trees growing in soils known to have a high level of environmental pollutants appear better equipped to fight pests than trees growing in soils with a lower level of pollutants.

Cities, regions call for 'robust' world climate pact

Lyon - Thousands of cities, provinces and states from around the world urged national governments on Thursday to deliver a "robust, binding, equitable and universal" planet-saving climate pact in December.

As nations dither, cities pick up climate slack

Lyon - Their national governments hamstrung by domestic politics, stretched budgets and diplomatic inertia, many cities and provinces have taken a leading role -- driven by necessity -- in efforts to arrest galloping global warming.

Ice cream for primates as Europe feels the heat

Paris - A blistering heatwave sweeping through Europe on Wednesday brought blackouts to France and fears of heat stroke for Wimbledon tennis fans, but meant a range of interesting ice creams for the continent's zoo animals.

Guatemala issues danger warning as volcano activity intensifies

Guatemala City - Guatemalan authorities issued a danger warning Wednesday in response to intensifying activity in the country's Fuego Volcano.
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Top News: Environment
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