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Top News: Environment

Two dead as typhoon slams into Japan after election day

Toukyo - A powerful typhoon ripped into central Japan early Monday, leaving two dead and more than 10 injured, hours after millions struggled to the polls for a national election.

Japan braces for election-day typhoon rains

Toukyo - A typhoon is expected to lash Japan with heavy rains Sunday, potentially weighing on turnout as millions of voters head to the polls in the world's third-biggest economy.

World's deepest lake in peril, scientists warn

Moscow - Lake Baikal is undergoing its gravest crisis in recent history, experts say, as the government bans the catching of a signature fish that has lived in the world's deepest lake for centuries but is now under threat.

Could regreening the Earth fight climate change? (Part 1)

Planting trees and other natural environmental actions could prove as effective as ceasing all oil use across the planet in reducing CO2 levels, according to a new study by an international team of scientists led by scientists from The Nature Conservancy.

Delhi braces for pollution 'airpocalypse' as smog looms

Sonipat - As Hindus across India celebrate Diwali this week, scientists fear a ban on firecrackers and other emergency anti-pollution measures deployed by authorities may not be enough to prevent a repeat of last year's "airpocalypse" in Delhi.

Canada's methane emissions 25 - 50 percent higher than feared

The Canadian oil and gas industry and federal government may be underestimating Alberta's emissions of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases.

New Delhi shuts power plant in fight against Diwali smog

New Delhi - India's environmental watchdog shut down a coal-fired power plant and banned the use of diesel generators in New Delhi as air quality plummeted in the world's most polluted capital on Wednesday, the start of the Diwali festival.

Thousands still without power in Ireland after freak storm

Dublin - Some 216,000 homes and businesses were still without electricity and 20,000 without running water in Ireland on Tuesday, the day after Storm Ophelia hit the country, claiming three lives.The outages mainly affected the south and west of Ireland.

Three killed, 360,000 without power as freak storm hits Ireland

Dublin - Ireland was hit by an "unprecedented storm" on Monday that left three people dead, more than 300,000 customers without power and shut down schools and government offices.

Storm brings 'apocalyptic' skies to Britain

London - The sun shone red and the sky darkened to a foreboding orange and brown across parts of Britain on Monday, as a storm swept air and dust in from southern Europe.

Innovations in wind power inspired by owl feathers

Bethlehem - Scientists have devised a mathematical solution to minimize noise and to maximize the aerodynamics in relation to porous airfoils (2-D wings). This will improve wind turbines and air vehicles.

Met Office — 'Danger to life' from winds with Hurricane Ophelia

London - The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has been very busy, with storms breaking records left and right. Hurricane Ophelia is no different, being on an unusual track to make landfall on the west coast of Ireland.

Ireland closes schools as rare hurricane approaches

Dublin - Ireland has ordered all schools to close Monday as the country braces for an "unprecedented storm" with the arrival of Ophelia, the largest hurricane ever recorded so far east in the Atlantic Ocean.

Smallscale farmers try to solve Amazon's big problems

In western Brazil's Amazon, the very people tasked with looking after the world's greatest rainforest are themselves wondering if they have a future."We are just trying to survive," said Cleyton de Oliveira, 24.

Azores, Ireland on hurricane alert as Ophelia strengthens

Lisbon - Hurricane Ophelia strengthened to a Category 3 storm as it passed near the Portuguese Azores archipelago on Saturday en route for Ireland.

Financial losses from climate change for businesses

Among the myriad of factors that businesses need to consider when performing future financial modeling is the impact of changing climate, especially hurricane-related financial loss. A new method to calculate this has been put forward.

California fire toll rises to 33, winds cause concern

San Francisco - The death toll from California's wildfires rose to 33 on Friday as firefighters made some progress in containing the infernos but said intensifying winds were a concern.

Branson calls for sustainable rebuilding of storm-battered Caribbean

Washington - British tycoon Richard Branson called Friday for rebuilding the hurricane-thrashed Caribbean with more durable housing and sustainable energy, to limit the damage of future storms.

Huge spike in global carbon emissions linked to El Nino

Miami - A huge spike in carbon emissions seen in the past couple of years has puzzled scientists, since there was no evidence of a rise in human activities, like fossil fuel burning, that might explain it.
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Top News: Environment

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