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Top News: Environment

Siberian heatwave releases anthrax bacillus frozen for decades

Moscow - Thirteen members of a community in western Siberia have been hospitalized amid an outbreak of anthrax, reports the governor's office of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region. Over 1,599 reindeer have died from the disease since last Sunday.

Study: Insecticide cuts bee sperm by nearly 40 percent

A new study revealed that two insecticides, one banned in various European nations but still used in America, can reduce the sperm of honeybees.

Mystery of missing Jai, India's most beloved tiger

Mumbai - A massive search operation is underway in India for the country's most famous tiger, with millions of adoring fans worried sick about the big cat known as Jai who went missing three months ago.

North America has one wolf species left, the others are hybrids

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recognizes three wolf species in North America, the gray wolf, the red wolf, and the Eastern wolf. But it turns out that two of the species are not true wolves at all, but hybrids.

WWF calls for crack down on 'tiger farms'

Geneva - The World Wildlife Fund on Thursday urged Asian states to investigate all tiger breeding centres and crack down on any involved in black-market animal trade.

Op-Ed: Are U.S. retirement funds harming rainforests?

Some years ago ‘ethical investment’ was a big deal and people were keen to know where their money was being held. Things have drifted a bit since then, and one example which many are unaware of is where their retirement funds are invested.

Nepal, India floods leave more than 90 dead

Kathmandu - Floods and landslides in Nepal and India have killed more than 90 people in recent days, with at least two million residents forced to flee their homes, officials said Thursday.

Northern Vietnam struck by powerful storm, one dead

Hanoi - A powerful storm rolled across northern Vietnam on Thursday killing one person, delaying flights and felling hundreds of trees in the capital Hanoi.

Morel mushroom abundance after wildfires is focus of new study

University of Montana forest ecology professor Andrew Larson has posted a research paper that estimates the abundance of morel mushrooms after a wildfire in California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

Op-Ed: 'This is crazy' — Fla. regulators to vote on weaker water regs

Miami - It's a dumb question, some people might say, but is it OK that Florida state regulators want to increase the amount of toxic chemicals allowed to be dumped in the rivers and lakes?

'Raining fire from the sky' Sand Fire grows to 57 square miles

Santa Clarita - Efforts to control the Sand Fire blazing in the Santa Clarita Valley mountains of southern California has drawn firefighters from a number of districts around the state, including volunteers from Cal Fire.

Spain calls in army as wildfire reaches nature reserve

Barcelona - Spanish troops intervened Tuesday as a wildfire near the eastern city of Valencia spread to a nature reserve after laying waste to some 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres) of land, regional authorities said.

Rare white whale 'Migaloo' sighted off Australia

Sydney - An extremely rare white humpback whale was Tuesday spotted off the Australian coast as he migrates towards warmer tropical waters to mate.

Original Bramley apple tree has fungal infection

Nottingham - The tree, thought to be the first to give rise to bramley apples, is dying of a fungal infection. The tree is 207 years old and it is located in Nottinghamshire, England.

California's Sand Fire triples in size in fire-friendly weather

Santa Clarita - The Sand Fire burning in Southern California tripled in size to over 33,000 acres overnight as firefighters battled the monstrous inferno that is still only 10 percent contained.

California 'Sand Fire' doubles in size as its seeks more fuel

Santa Clarita - The Sand Fire burning north of Los Angeles has now consumed more than 22,000 acres and destroyed 18 homes as of Sunday afternoon say California fire officials, and it's not close to being over yet.

Oil-covered birds rescued near Husky oil spill in Saskatchewan

Maidstone - The first birds to be casualties of the recent Husky oil spill near Maidstone Saskatchewan have been found near the sight of the leak, completely covered in oil.

China's flood season the worst since 1998, says state media

The death toll from the torrential rains and flooding in northern China was compounded when some local officials tried to hide the deaths from Beijing. The tragedy didn't surface until Friday after angry locals took to social media.

Southern California fire mushrooms, residents evacuated

Los Angeles - A fire burning out of control in Southern California has grown to a massive 20,000 acres, officials said Sunday, as residents in an area north of Los Angeles were forced to evacuate.
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Top News: Environment