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Top News: Environment

US dentist named as killer of Zimbabwe's Cecil the lion

Harare - A wealthy American dentist used a bow and arrow to shoot a much-loved Zimbabwean lion called Cecil, a safari industry goup said Tuesday, amid allegations that the animal had taken 40 hours to die.

Half of Columbia River sockeye salmon dying in overheated waters

Over a quarter-million sockeye salmon, returning from the ocean to spawn, are either dead or dying in the Columbia River and its tributaries due to warming water temperatures.

Two new parasitic wasps found in central Europe

Researchers found two new types of parasitoid wasps with stand-out body features in the the Swiss Alps and Swiss Central Plateau. The discovery came about by chance.

Australian humpback whale comeback a 'symbol of hope'

Sydney - Australia's humpback populations have recovered so well from years of devastating whaling that they could be delisted as a threatened species in a conservation success story scientists Tuesday hailed as "a symbol of hope".

S.Africa's top poacher-hunting pooch flies into battle

- Barking and snarling in his cage, "Killer" -- South Africa's most successful poacher-catching canine -- looks ready for another helicopter mission tracking down armed hunters who slaughter rhinos for their horns.

Australians plant 1.2 million trees on National Tree Day

More than 1.2 million trees were planted across Australia on Sunday during National Tree Day. This year's tally brings the total number to over 22 million trees planted by more than 3.5 million participants since the campaign began in 1996.

France evacuates 10,000 campers as Provence burns

Paris - French officials evacuated 10,000 people from three different campsites Monday as hot winds fanned fires in drought-hit Provence in the middle of the summer holiday season, officials said.

Fracking dispute heats up in U.S.

The controversial practice of fracking is at the center of a new health debate in the U.S. This is over whether the practice pose a risk of causing silicosis.

Call for tougher air pollution limits

Brussels - Air pollution is linked to some 400,000 premature deaths throughout Europe each year, according to a new study. This has led to calls for tighter limits on allowable levels of air polluting substances.

Plan to release genetically modified moths in U.K.

Oxford - Genetically engineered moths should be released in the U.K. to stop devastating damage to crops like broccoli and kale, according to a new report. Since moths damage many crops, the idea is that genetically altered moths would not cause the same problems.

Sierra wildfire forces closures, evacuations along Highway 50

Kyburz - Highway 50 in California's Sierra Nevada mountains was shut down Thursday afternoon as a wildfire burned out of control near the town of Kyburz in El Dorado County.

Should wolves, grey whales and lynxes make a come back?

Aberdeen - Should species that have long disappeared be reintroduced into a territory or country? The answer is yes, according to the campaign group Rewilding Britain.

Five fascinating facts that you may not know about the red panda

Scampering around in the trees from Nepal to northern Myanmar is an animal that is so cute, it looks like a creature from a child's dream. Perhaps it is, but it's also actually real. Red pandas can also be found in the mountains of southwestern China.

Japan shows off the world's largest flower

Only in Japan: what is claimed to the world's largest flower has been announced and the display of the flower from the plant Titan arum has led to huge queues, with people flocking to look at the the reproductive structure.

Lightning kills seven from same Mexico family

- Four children were among seven people from the same family killed in a devastating lightning strike in rural Mexico on Friday, authorities said.

'Killer' seagulls bite people and kill pets, UK media in frenzy

Seagulls nesting on British coastlines are responsible for recent deaths of three pets and attacks on people. The UK media have dubbed the birds "killer seagulls," but marine experts say gulls are generally docile except when protecting their chicks.

Monsoon troubles Nepal quake survivors three months on

Kathmandu - As dark clouds loomed overhead, Rabi Baral hurriedly secured his tent to the ground at a camp for victims of Nepal's earthquake, three months after the disaster upended his life.The 7.

Light trim for rough draft of climate pact

Paris - Senior diplomats charged with condensing an unwieldy draft for a global climate rescue pact, due to be inked in December, handed in their much-anticipated homework.

Key facts about Nepal's quake and the risk of sequels

Kathmandu - Three months after a massive earthquake struck Nepal, killing more than 8,800 people and destroying nearly 600,000 homes, aftershocks continue to jolt the Himalayan nation.
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Top News: Environment
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