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Top News: Environment

Strong twin quakes rock central Italy

Rome - Two strong earthquakes rocked central Italy on Wednesday, toppling buildings and injuring dozens of people, according to initial reports, two months after a devastating tremor killed nearly 300 in the same region.The first 5.

Humanity decimating planetary wildlife

Paris - Nearly three-fifths of all animals with a backbone -- fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals -- have been wiped out since 1970 by human appetites and activity, according to a grim study released Thursday.

Colombia landslide kills at least six

Estanzuela - A landslide piled into one of Colombia's busiest highways Wednesday, killing at least six people and leaving an "undetermined" number missing and feared buried, authorities said.

West Antarctic ice shelves melting rapidly as ocean waters warm

New research released on Tuesday found that hundreds of feet of bottom ice have been lost from ice shelves in West Antarctica due to increased circulation of warming ocean waters, increasing the risk of a major ice shelf collapse.

Japan, West clash over 'cultural' whale hunts

Portoroz - Japan pleaded with the world's whaling watchdog Wednesday to allow small hunts by coastal communities, arguing that for three decades these groups had been unjustly barred from a traditional source of food.

Why the secret of blue begonias can improve energy efficiency

Colchester - The blue sheen on the leaves of some begonias hold the key to improving energy efficiency, at the levels of the nanoscale. Researchers have discovered that chloroplasts have evolved a nanoscale light-trapping structure.

Whaling nations vote down bid for South Atlantic sanctuary

Portoroz - Whaling nations defeated a renewed bid Tuesday by southern hemisphere states to create an Atlantic sanctuary for the marine mammals hunted to near extinction in the 20th century.

Canada seeking to cooperate with Russia in the Arctic

Ottawa - Despite tensions over conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, Russia and the West have maintained a strong working relationship in the Arctic and Canada's new Liberal government is looking to further bolster that cooperation.

California's San Joaquin River — agriculture vs. a healthy river

Sacramento - The San Joaquin River is the longest river in Central California, and the second most endangered river in the country. But because of dams, levees, and water diversion, over 100 miles of the river has been dry for 50 years.

Several species of bee declared endangered in the U.S.

Further troubling news for bees, and with it worrying news for agriculture, with seven new species of bee being declared at risk in the U.S. The bees have been placed on the list of endangered species.

More Hurricane Sandy-like storms predicted

Hurricane Sandy, which devastated New York and other coastal cities, could be the start of a new weather norm, with an increase in cyclonical wind events, according to a new study.

Warning about the endangered status of snow leopards

A new study records hundreds of snow leopards being killed by poachers every year across the high mountain ranges of Asia. The report adds to concerns about the decline of these big cats.

Thousands of endangered tadpoles airlifted to Puerto Rico

Oakland - Over 4,000-week old tadpoles left the Oakland Zoo in California this week, headed to Puerto Rico as part of a program to reestablish the multi-colored crested toad once thought to be extinct.

Whalers in crosshairs at international huddle

Paris - More than 80 nations square off in Slovenia next week over the fate of the world's remaining whales, facing a multitude of perils from meat hunters and ship strikes to getting snared in fishing gear.

Op-Ed: Glyphosate wins as lobbyists cause postponement of EPA review

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was slated to hold four days of public meetings, Oct. 18-21, focusing on one pertinent question: is glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, safe?

5 dead as storm pounds hurricane-stricken Haiti

Les Cayes - Five people were killed and one person was missing as torrential rains sparked flooding in Haiti, as the country still reels from devastating Hurricane Matthew, the Civil Protection Agency said Friday.

Typhoon Haima batters Hong Kong as city in lockdown

Hong Kong - The usually frenetic streets of Hong Kong were deserted Friday as the city was battered by Typhoon Haima after the storm left a trail of deaths and damage in the Philippines.

Pollutant now valued by renewable energy companies

At least one organic compound, commonly classed as a pollutant, has the potential to be used to fashion cheap, reliable batteries for use with the energy renewables sector.

Lake Erie's toxic blob may be putting drinking water at risk

Cleveland - In what sounds like a Halloween horror story, a toxic blob of cancer-causing chemicals in the sediment of Lake Erie might be spreading dangerously close to a water intake pipe that supplies drinking water to Cleveland.
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Top News: Environment