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Top News: Environment

Saving the Miami tiger beetle — Going up against a retail giant

Miami - On Thursday, environmentalists made a desperate bid to save a rare, and once thought to be extinct beetle living in one little corner of the Earth. The Miami tiger beetle is only found in the Richmond pine rocklands in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Ohio families forced to flee out-of-control natural gas leak

It has been four days since about 25 families living in Eastern Ohio have been able to return to their homes after a fracking well started leaking natural gas. Oil and gas workers have been unable to control the leak that started on Saturday.

Op-Ed: Faroe Islands — Foreign activists provoke patriotic reaction Special

The radical actions of foreign opponents to the pilot whale hunt serve to trigger patriotic counter-actions in the Faroe Islands. The majority of Faroese critics of the drive hunts agree the behaviour of many foreign activists is counter-productive.

Seed munching monkeys aid forest regrowth

The dispersal of tree seeds by New World primates is essential for the continuation and regeneration of the world’s forests, according to new research between primatologists and plant geneticists.

Sixth great extinction imperils amphibians, birds, mammals and us

The earth is entering into a dark period of human-caused devastation that is threatening 41 percent of all amphibians, 26 percent of all mammals, and 13 percent of all birds. We have ourselves to blame for much of this, an acclaimed journal has found.

Op-Ed: The world should mourn: San Diego Zoo loses Northern white rhino

San Diego - The extinction clock is ticking ever-closer to the day when the world will see the very last Northern white rhino pass into extinction. The San Diego Zoo lost Angalifu, a 44-year old Northern white rhino who died of old age on Sunday.

No 'human rights' for chimpanzees

New York - A U.S court has ruled that a chimpanzee is not entitled to the same rights as people and does not have be freed from captivity.

Europe revises its stance on GM crops

A new agreement in the European Union allows genetically engineered crops to be approved without member-state votes. This represents a U-turn for before all member states needed to agree. The new policy will allow several GMO foods to enter the market.

Op-Ed: Climate change unstoppable

Lima - Life imitates art. In the recent season of HBO’s “Newsroom,” anchor Will McAvoy tries his best to get a viewer-friendly forecast on climate change from a scientist who won’t shut up, not a doomsday prediction that will turn them off.

Deadly bat disease follows seasonal patterns

The infectious fungal disease of bats called white-nose syndrome appears linked, in part, to the seasonal dynamics of infection and transmission. This is based on a new study.

Climate talks go into overtime as rich and poor disagree

Lima - UN climate talks in Lima, Peru went into an unscheduled 13th day on Saturday as delegates attempted to soothe some ruffled feathers created by a rift between rich and poor countries over who is more responsible for climate change.

Magic mushrooms found in Buckingham Palace grounds

London - British TV gardner Alan Titchmarsh has discovered a species of psychedelic mushroom which causes florid hallucinations growing on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, London, where Queen Elizabeth II lives.

Tiger conservation forces conflicts between leopards and humans

Worldwide, there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild and conservationists are fighting to save these beautiful big cats, but in so doing, they are pushing leopards into fending for themselves and coming into close contact with humans.

Op-Ed: Help save Lake Tahoe from losing its iconic skyline

Tahoe Vista - Community campaign to protect iconic Lake Tahoe skyline from development needs state, national and international support.

Op-Ed: Water — What does the future hold for this precious resource?

We've talked about water shortages before, and for most of the industrialized world, the issue is something we only think about in passing. But the reality of the water shortage issue is far more dramatic. Think about this fact: Water is in short supply.

Climate solutions exist in Canada Special

Toronto - Canada can collectively meet its international climate change commitment. This is through using readily available made-in-Canada solutions, according to a new report.

Op-Ed: At the UN climate summit, Peru can't hide a dirty, oily secret

Lima - As delegates from countries around the world gather in the final hours to come to an agreement of climate change, little or nothing at all is being said of the government-sanctioned deforestation, and destructive exploitation of natural resources.

Humpback whales return to New York City waters

New York City - Imagine seeing one of the largest and most majestic creatures in the ocean within just a couple miles of the Empire State building? Whale sightings have become more frequent the last two years as Humpback whales return.

World's rarest porpoise now threatened with extinction

The vaquita is the world's smallest porpoise and is found only in the northern part of the Gulf of California. With the latest estimated count in 2014 being below 100 individuals, the vaquita is now in imminent danger of extinction.
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Top News: Environment
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