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Top News: Environment

Op-Ed: New Yorkers told to stay off roads, transit as blizzard strikes

New York City - There was a time, not too long ago, when the U.S. Post Office took great pride in delivering the mail to every American, six days a week without fail.

Obama plans offshore gas/oil drilling from Virginia to Georgia

Washington, D. C. - Energy companies have long sought the opening of the Atlantic Coast for offshore oil and gas drilling, and the Obama administration gave them approval today. The proposed 2017-2022 offshore plan is the second time Obama has recommended this move.

New York defends storm shutdown

New York - New York authorities on Tuesday vigorously defended a decision to shut down America's biggest city for a winter storm that skirted the Big Apple, dumping the worst snow on Long Island and New England.

U.K. dumps consortium charged with cleaning up nuclear site

Following the recommendations of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), the British government sacked the consortium responsible for cleaning up the Sellafield nuclear site, saying not enough progress had been made.

Northeastern U.S. prepares for 'historic' storm

New York City - As much as three feet of snow is expected Monday and Tuesday along a 250-mile stretch of the U.S. northeast coast as a massive winter storm brings enough heavy winds and driving snow to potentially shut down several of the nation's greatest cities.

Oceans are warming so rapidly they are breaking scientific charts

Earlier this month the NOAA and NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded, shattering the previous records in 2005 and 2010. Now comes the news that global warming is heating the world's oceans at an unprecedented pace.

Hoopoes engage in strange egg-licking behaviors

Hoopoes have a remarkable habit. They cover their eggs with a secretion from their beaks. The secretion is packed with beneficial bacteria, which protects the eggs. A new research study has been looking into this behaviour further.

Op-Ed: Have we learned anything from the latest oil spill?

Glendive - One news source in Montana is expounding on the lessons learned from the 2011 ExxonMobil oil spill. But are the lessons, whatever they may be, really going to change the way we are letting these events impact the environment?

Chinese city bans the smoking of bacon because of air pollution

Chongqing - It may seem odd to hear that smoking bacon would cause a rise in air pollution, but if everybody and his neighbor is doing it, then maybe there is some substance to the story of one Chinese city where smoking bacon has been banned.

Yet another huge saltwater spill in ND oil patch

Williston - Cleanup began this morning in western North Dakota after nearly three million gallons of brine spilled from a pipeline. The brine, a toxic byproduct of oil and gas production is much saltier than ocean water and may contain petroleum and other residues.

New understanding about how white-nose syndrome kills bats

Madison - Researchers have developed an explanation of how white-nose syndrome kills bats. The fungal infection has been devastating bat populations across in North America.

Hundreds of dead fish in Cape Breton, fisheries seeks answers

For reasons unknown hundreds of dead mackerel have washed up on the shores Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton. The fish began washing up on the lake shore a week ago and by Monday a local said there were hundreds of them.

New study shows global warming science based on 'serious errors'

A major peer-reviewed paper on climate physics is rocking the very foundations of climate change science tonight. The paper exposes major errors in the general-circulation models the UN's IPPC climate panel relied on to formulate their predictions.

Mongolia’s 'Sutton Hoo' threatened by Canadian mine

Ulan Bator - A bid by a Canadian gold mining company to strip-mine part of northern Mongolia’s protected Noyon Mountain Forest which includes the country’s cultural equivalent to England’s Sutton Hoo site or Egypt’s pyramids is causing outrage in the country.

Small quake shakes up California's Salinas Valley

King City - No damage has been reported so far from a 4.4-magnitude earthquake that struck early Tuesday morning southeast of Monterey Bay in California.

Good News: Tiger population increases by 30 percent in India

Delhi - In a bit of good news, a study shows tiger numbers have risen sharply in India during the last seven years, from just 1,411 to 2,226, and for wildlife officials, that's something to celebrate. The country is now home to 70 percent of the world's tigers.

Op-Ed: Rethinking the world’s cities — Paris shows the way

Paris - Paris is historically a home of innovation. It’s also a home of culture, and cultural critics, and when Paris decides to give itself a makeover, you can be assured of a lively debate. The new Green version of Paris is pretty damn stunning.

Latest numbers show tiger population in India up by 30 percent

On Tuesday wildlife officials in India released numbers showing that over the past three years the population of the tiger in that country has increased by almost one-third. It's being hailed as welcome news by the government and tiger activists.

Yellowstone oil spill contaminates town's water supply

Glendive - Crude oil from the pipeline breach along the Yellowstone River has seeped into the town of Glendive's drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday evening. The EPA is calling the crude oil spill "significant."
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Top News: Environment
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