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Top News: Environment

Study sounds alarm for slow-breeding forest elephants

Paris - Even without poachers, Central Africa's forest elephants would need almost a century to get their numbers back up to 2002 levels, said a study Wednesday that pried into the elusive creatures' slow-breeding ways.

Jungle school helps rescued orangutans return to wild

Indonesia - Ignoring the shrieks of his rowdy, wrestling classmates, baby orangutan Otan practises swinging alone at his "jungle school" on Borneo island, switching hands and hanging upside down as he builds confidence high above the forest floor.

One of world's largest water sources is contaminated

A water crisis of monumental proportions has hit southern Asia, affecting over 750 million people in Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. At least 60 percent of their groundwater is contaminated with salt and deadly levels of arsenic.

Caribou herd in Labrador has declined 99 percent since 1990

St Johns - In the 1990s, the Georges River caribou herd in Labrador numbered over 800,000 animals, but the once-thriving herd is now on the verge of collapse, with fewer that 9,000 caribou remaining.

Climate change creating 'A Brewing Storm' in coffee production

Climate change is going to have a dramatic impact on the quality, price and production of coffee, from consumers to the farmers growing the coffee beans.

Anti-whalers enlist fast ship to fight off Japanese

Sydney - Marine conservationists announced Tuesday they will for the first time be able to outrun the Japanese whaling fleet in the upcoming annual battle to protect the giant mammals in the icy Southern Ocean.

Sea birds under threat from mercury poisoning

Melbourne - Scientists have detected traces of methylmercury (a dangerous neurotoxin) in sea ice floating in the Southern Ocean. This presents a risk to seabirds and other marine life.

Environmentalists add a tech-savvy twist to bonfire tradition

A centuries-old maritime tradition, the lighting of bonfires along the coast of Estonia was reenacted Saturday night, but with a tech-savvy environmentalist twist.

Tidal power turbines activated in Scotland

Lerwick - Tidal powered turbines installed off the coast of Shetland (Bluemull Sound) have been connected to the electricity grid and could herald a "new era" in tidal energy.

Hurricane Madeline weakening as it heads toward Hawaii

Miami - Hurricane Madeline flexed its muscles as it churned towards Hawaii Tuesday, peaking at a dangerous Category Four strength before slackening, US weather officials said.

Actor John Schneider helps out victims of the Louisiana floods

Branson - The actor, musician and filmmaker, currently starring in popular soap opera 'The Haves and the Have Nots,' is doing his bit to raise money for flood relief by staging a concert in Branson, Missouri.

More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway

Oslo - More than 300 wild reindeer have been killed by lightning in southern Norway, officials said Monday, in the largest such incident known to date.

Japan braces for powerful Typhoon Lionrock

Toukyo - Japan braced Monday for a powerful typhoon -- the third in little more than a week -- and authorities warned of heavy rain, high waves and flooding after the previous storms killed two people.

Gulf of Maine's wild blue mussels disappearing as ocean warms

The Gulf of Maine has historically been home to one of the richest shellfish populations in the U.S. But a recent study by marine ecologists has found that their numbers have declined by over 60 percent in the past 40 years.

French environment minister announces partnerships in Iran

Tehran - French Environment Minister Segolene Royal met with her Iranian counterpart in Tehran on Sunday to announce plans for a number of joint projects addressing energy, water shortages and pollution.

Indonesian fires send smoke and haze across Southeast Asia

Air quality in Singapore rose to unhealthy levels on Friday as the acrid smoke from Borneo and Sumatra's slash and burn fires drifted across the Island.

Hurricane Lester, Tropical Storm Madeline strengthen in Pacific

Washington - Hurricane Lester and Tropical Storm Madeline both picked up strength in the Pacific on Saturday, the US National Hurricane Center said, with both possibly heading towards Hawaii.

Keeping elephants at bay with chili powder and condoms

The ultimate elephant repellent has been found to be chili powder inside condoms, with the condoms placed at key locations. There's a reason for this, and it's to do with protecting elephants from poachers.

When death comes to stay: one Italian village's story

Saletta - Nowhere was hit harder by the earthquake that brought death and devastation to a remote corner of central Italy this week than Saletta.And if you listen to the locals, the tiny mountain hamlet is never going to recover from the wounds it has suffered.
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Top News: Environment