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Top News: Environment

High-tide flooding already impacting coastal communities

Impacts from climate change are not always easy to see. But for many local businesses in coastal communities across the United States, the evidence is right outside their doors—or in their parking lots, and it's going to get worse.

Danish economist picked to be new UN environment chief

New York - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has picked Danish economist and environmentalist Inger Andersen to be the new UN environment chief, turning the page on a scandal over expenses that rocked the UN agency, according to a letter seen by AFP on Friday...

Thousands of UK kids skip school for climate protests

London - Thousands of schoolchildren went on "strike" across Britain on Friday in a protest against climate change, with hundreds rallying in London's Parliament Square.

Fears flood water runoff could 'smother' Barrier Reef

Sydney - Runoff from recent floods in northern Australia is flowing onto parts of the Barrier Reef, scientists said Friday, starving coral of light and providing fodder for the predatory crown-of-thorns starfish.

Study finds fossil fuels are main source of carbon in the Arctic

Five years of testing at sites across the Arctic tracked seasonal fluctuations and sources of black carbon, or soot, which contributes to global warming and ice melt.

Global energy demand to soar one third by 2040: BP

London - Global energy demand will surge by a third over the next two decades on advancing prosperity, but Indian demand growth will eclipse that of flagging giant China, Britain's BP forecast Thursday.

Polar vortex 2019 — How did the electrical grid hold up?

It takes an extreme weather event for us to find out how well our power grid really works. The Polar Vortex from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2, in the Midwest and the Northeastern U.S., provided some interesting data that will be very helpful in improving the grid.

UK report claims environment in five different crises

The report by the UK-based Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said that the multiple environmental crises have reached a critical stage due to human impacts and now threaten to destabilize society and the global economy as well.

Senate passes sweeping conservation package in bipartisan vote

On Tuesday, the Senate approved a major public lands bill that revives a popular conservation program, adds 1.3 million acres of new wilderness, expands several national parks and creates five new national monuments.

Ten towns hit by river pollution from Brazil dam disaster

Rio De Janeiro - Ten towns in southeast Brazil are suffering river pollution after a dam collapse at a mine nearly three weeks ago that killed 166 people and left 155 missing, presumed dead, according to officials.

Planned hippo cull in Zambia sparks fury

Lusaka - Zambia plans to slaughter 2,000 hippopotamuses to control overpopulation, officials said Wednesday, as conservationists lashed the scheme as a ploy to make money from trophy hunters.

Op-Ed: NASA — Greenhouse Effect greening China and India

Sydney - One unanticipated but pretty obvious effect of greenhouse gases and heat is to grow a lot of plants. Extra CO2, for example, promotes flowering. The main areas where this is happening turn out to be India and China.

Trump pressures TVA to keep old coal power plant running

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Monday night pressured the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to keep its Paradise coal plant in Kentucky open. The plant and another one in Tennessee are on the chopping block.

Small town on Russian Arctic island attracts over 50 polar bears

Dwindling sea ice and a garbage dump buffet are probably two causes of a huge influx of polar bears to towns in the Russian arctic. The situation is risky for both polar bears and humans as their proximity increases the potential for conflict.

Chimpanzees build ladder to escape from zoo

Belfast - Most of us would wish to escape from captivity and a group of abstract thinking chimpanzees temporarily managed this feat by building a makeshift ladder to escape from Belfast Zoo.

Is that a bobcat? Only AI can truly tell

Here’s a conundrum: when is a bobcat not a bobcat? Here’s a second: when is a bobcat in fact a copycat, like a lynx? From a distance and in the wild interpreting such observations is not easy. AI can help with this.

Decline in insect numbers may have catastrophic effect on planet

A scientific review of insect numbers suggests that 40 percent of species are undergoing dramatic rates of decline around the world, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems."

Malaysia makes record 30-tonne pangolin seizure

Port Dickson - Malaysian authorities have made a record seizure of about 30 tonnes of pangolins and their scales worth some $2 million in raids on major processing facilities, police and environmentalists said Tuesday.

New Zealand wildfire expected to burn for weeks

Wellington - A large New Zealand wildfire is expected to burn for weeks longer but has moved away from some inhabited areas, allowing residents of an evacuated village to return home soon, firefighters said Monday.
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Top News: Environment

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