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Top News: Environment

Neurotoxic pesticide approved for use on Washington oyster beds

Seattle - Southwest Washington state oyster-growers have been battling the native shrimp that burrow in the mudflats for years, making it difficult for the oysters to grow. Now they have been given state approval for the use of a neurotoxic pesticide.

Bees are drawn to pesticides, triggering risk of death

A study shows bees prefer food laced with pesticides. Further research adds to the evidence that such chemicals are harmful to some pollinators.

California's drought resulting in water-related innovation

California's severe drought is forcing state officials to levy big fines against heavy users of water in the Golden State.

Colorado lake's goldfish invasion comes to an unexpected end

Boulder - Earlier this month, Colorado wildlife officials were worried about how they would rid one of Boulder's lakes of a massive invasion of goldfish. But after only a few weeks, it seems that nature has taken care of the problem without the help of man.

Is the California delta smelt responsible for the water shortage?

It is a small silvery fish, only three inches long and weighing but a few ounces, yet when people are talking about the need for billions of gallons of water for the southern portion of California, the delta smelt is throwing around a lot of weight.

Sewage to suds: Craft brewers to make beer from reclaimed water

Portland - An Oregon waste water treatment operator is challenging Oregon's renowned craft beer community to come up with a tasty beer made from treated sewage water.

Catholic Church and Pope Francis set to take on climate change

The Catholic Church is looking to convert the hearts and minds of those who deny climate change, seeking to convince them that the phenomenon is real and a grave threat.

China’s Great Green Wall combats pollution, global tree loss

Beijing - China is managing its pollution problem with planting massive numbers of new trees. The Great Wall of Trees includes real, measurable achievements in terms of carbon uptake.

Origins of modern citrus fruits revealed

Oranges and lemons have a common ancestor. This finding comes from an analysis of 34 chloroplast genomes. The study shows how and when modern fruit varieties evolved.

'I'm going to be buried alive...' AFP journalists on Everest horror

- "We heard this most horrifying sound, it was like a train but came from so deep...

Monster mile-wide tornado, softball-sized hail pummels Texas

Rio Vista - A monster tornado touched down in north-central Texas as part of a storm system that brought hail as big as softballs and dangerous winds. The tornado, described as a mile long knocked out power to more than 30,000 people.

Earth Day celebrates 25 years in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - Earth Day 2015 was celebrated in Edmonton, Canada on Sunday, April 26 with a low-key but meaningful event in the downtown area.

Lake Mead reaches historic low as savage drought continues

Las Vegas - Weather conditions for Nevada's Lake Mead, the country's largest capacity reservoir, call for light breezes and a high in the low 80s. But the drought-stricken lake's water level will be its lowest in 78 years, perfect for seeing a B-29 bomber.

Meet the pocket shark: Extremely rare and only seen once before

Sharks are handsome creatures, and generally, most of us don't think of them as cute. Chances are, many of us may think of them as stately, graceful, and cunning creatures, but no, not cute. Except for the pocket shark. It is very cute, and very rare.

Deepwater Horizon continues to cause environmental problems

Oozing oil on once cherished marshland continues to be a problem on the U.S. coast as the effects of Deepwater Horizon continue to affect the environment and marine life.

Casualties after Nepal quake topples landmark tower

Kathmandu - A landmark nine-storey tower collapsed in Kathmandu on Saturday after a massive earthquake hit the Nepalese capital, with several bodies seen at the site of the disaster, witnesses and television footage showed.

The incredible voyage of the blackpoll warbler revealed

Each fall the blackpoll warbler flies non-stop from Canada, southwards across the Atlantic Ocean to South America, in just three days. What does the bird get up to? A science group have been finding out.

Japan ousted by world body over bloody Taiji dolphin hunt

Taiji - Responding to pressure from conservationists, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended its Japanese member because it is involved in the controversial dolphin hunts that take place each year in Taiji.

Canadians set the nature challenge Special

Toronto - An environmental organization is calling on Canadians to put away their computers and turn off the television, and instead spend more time outdoors.
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Top News: Environment
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