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Top News: Environment

Expect more storms this Atlantic hurricane season: U.S. scientists

Miami - More storms are expected during the coming Atlantic hurricane season which should be "near-normal," after three years of unusually low storm activity, US government scientists said Friday.

Monsanto turns down Bayer's proposal, still open to negotiations

Monsanto has rejected a $62 billion takeover proposal from German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, calling the bid "incomplete and financially inadequate." However, negotiations still appear to be open.

No selfies with seals: New England officials issue public warning

If you're a beachgoer in New England then officials there want you to know that taking selfies with seals is not a good idea. It's never a good idea anywhere, they say, and to do so is to endanger the seal — and you.

UN climate talks flesh out landmark Paris pact

Bonn - Climate diplomats wrapped up technical talks Thursday saying they were on the right track but still far from delivering on the promise of the historic pact forged in December.

Killer hippos spread fear among fishermen in Senegal rivers

Ta - Lying in hospital with bloodied bandages over the deep gashes in his legs, Senegalese fisherman Ali Fall recalls the moment a hippopotamus tried to kill him as he hauled in nets in a local river.

Green Thumbs Up: Interstate 35 to become Monarch Highway

Travelers along Interstate 35, stretching from northern Minnesota to southern Texas, will soon be seeing a lusher more natural scene as they drive along the highway, all because the road is being turned into a pollinators corridor.

Thailand bans tourists from 3 more islands to protect coral reefs

Bangkok - Less than 2 weeks ago, the Thai government closed Koh Tachai island indefinitely. On Wednesday, the government chose to ban all tourist activities at three more islands: Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nui, and Koh Khai Nai.

McDonald's, Tesco sign 'historic' agreement to limit cod fishing

McDonald's and Tesco have joined other companies in signing an historic agreement to limit cod fishing in the unprotected and as yet unexploited Arctic regions opened up by the melting ice.

Hongkongers pooh-pooh waste treatment plant, despite free spa

Hong Kong - It is billed as a groundbreaking way to deal with Hong Kong's human waste, and even includes an onsite spa free to residents, but a new eco-friendly sludge treatment plant has not washed with some locals.

40 years on, last chance saloon for cars abandoned in Cyprus war

Antique cars rust under the fierce Cyprus sun beside vintage motorcycles and gutted lorries, stranded for four decades on the wrong side of a dividing line that didn't exist when they were parked.

Grizzlies and polar bears are mating for an alarming reason

Grizzly-polar bear hybrids are becoming a reality. Most recently, a bear was shot in northern Canada that didn't quite fit the polar bear description.

New Zealand suburb besieged with hundreds of thousands of flies

The fly infestation in a suburb in New Zealand became so bad that residents could not cook or eat a meal in their homes, shops were forced to close and some people were put on permanent "fly swatting" duty.

Why snakes are pale or dark in color explained

A young student has revealed why snakes are paler in the South and darker in the North — that's because darker species absorb heat from the sun more quickly.

Male peacocks twerk to attract hens

A new study, using slow-motion capture photography, has revealed that male peacocks undertake a series of movements, including a move that resembles twerking, it to attract peahens.

Bayer-Monsanto tie-up fuels anti-GM debate in Germany

Frankfurt - A proposed tie-up between Bayer and Monsanto may still face numerous hurdles but it has already inflamed opinion in Germany where most people oppose genetically modified foods.

50 million in Africa face starvation from El Niño droughts

Crop failure on the African continent is worsening and upwards of 50 million people are facing a severe shortage of food. As a result there could be mass starvation.

While coral reefs wither and fisheries collapse, octopuses thrive

Adelaide - As many coral reefs are withering causing a loss of habitat for many fish, and as some fisheries virtually collapse, octopuses and other cephalopods are thriving.

At least 20 dead as landslide sweeps Yemen village

Sanaa - A landslide caused by heavy rain has swept through a village in southwestern Yemen, killing at least 20 people, local media said on Monday.

New Orleans is sinking faster than previously thought

New Orleans - When a city already sits below sea level, any additional sinking is cause for concern, says the Weather Channel. This is especially true of New Orleans, a major U.S. port with the largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana.
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Top News: Environment

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