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Top News: Environment

How green spaces help to cut air pollution Special

Toronto - A new study indicates that green spaces in cities and towns provide health and environmental benefits, especially during hot weather.

Heat tolerant beans could help alleviate poverty

A loss of crops and protein as a result of social, economic and climatic changes poses a new challenge for world hunger. A research group are addressing this with new plant lines to provide beans.

Amazing deep-sea creatures found in an enormous underwater canyon

Fremantle - A mysterious underwater canyon off of Australia's west coast has revealed its amazing biodiversity to scientists, and this canyon is so huge that it's larger than the Grand Canyon. The scientists even recovered equipment that had been lost two years ago.

USDA under fire for mass killing of birds in Nevada

Land owners in northern Nevada were shocked this week to discover tens of thousands of dead birds littering the landscape. They are now criticizing the federal government over the mass killing of the starlings.

Duke Energy to appeal $25.1 million fine by NC regulators

Charlotte - North Carolina-based Duke Energy announced today it is prepared to contest a $25.1 million civil penalty issued by the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources on March 10.

Province of Ontario bans breeding, acquiring of killer whales

The province of Ontario is banning the acquisition and breeding of killer whales. The announcement was made Monday after legislation on the ban was tabled, legislation that will also improve the treatment of captured marine creatures.

California's aquifers being filled with toxic fracking wastewater

In November 2014, an investigation revealed that California state officials knowingly allowed oil companies to dump, or pump millions of gallons of toxic waste-water into the state's federally protected underground freshwater aquifers.

Japan's 'Great Wall' goes on as planned despite opposition

Four years after a massive tsunami hit much of Japan's Northeast coast, efforts to fend off future forces of nature are underway as Japan continues its construction of a 250-mile long concrete barrier, in places, five stories high.

Rare sighting of unbelievably cute Chinese Ili pika

An extremely rare sighting of the incredibly cute, Chinese Ili pika, will hopefully bring world attention to the plight of this very elusive but also endangered species.

Op-Ed: Water and the future of humanity and environment

Water allows for the existence of all life on Earth, without water a human cannot survive for more than three or four days. Pollution and a changing climate are threatening freshwater and thereby the existence of life as we know it.

Paris cuts traffic in half to combat choking pollution

Paris - One year ago, Paris had to put emergency traffic measures into affect because of spiking air pollution in the capital city. Starting on Monday, only cars with odd-numbered plates will be allowed into the city, as Paris again fights the choking smog.

Australian icebreaker rescues ailing Antarctic base worker

Sydney - A seriously ill worker has been evacuated by helicopter from Australia's Antarctic station to an icebreaker ship in a dramatic round-the-clock rescue.

Costa Rica powered up with 100% clean energy for 75 days straight

Tiny Costa Rica has done something really big: It's managed to meet 100 percent of its power needs with renewable energy for 75 consecutive days, and it's doing this by using hydropower and geothermal energy, the state-owned Electricity Institute said.

Geckos found to have self-drying skin

Tiny water-repellent spines on a gecko’s skin help keep the lizard dry in humid conditions. This property, similar to the way rain drops react on a waxed car, was recently found by scientists.

Video as Orca whales attack sea lion near Vancouver

Video shot by a kayaker and uploaded onto to YouTube yesterday shows a pod of Orca killer whales attacking and slaying a sea lion. The sea lion wound up being a meal for the orcas.

France: New rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Paris - A new law passed by the French Parliament on Thursday decrees that rooftops on new buildings constructed in commercial zones must be partially covered in plants or solar panels.

Monarch butterfly may be designated an endangered species

A group of 52 members of the U.S. Congress are looking to save the beautiful Monarch butterfly. To help do so the politicians sent a letter to Pres. Obama last week asking him to put the iconic insect on the endangered species list.

Lawsuit launched against EPA over new pesticide, Sivanto

A formal notice of intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency was filed on March 16 for failing to protect threatened and endangered species after giving registration to Bayer CropScience for Sivanto, a flupyradifurone insecticide.

1 in 10 bees face extinction, new warning announced

Ten percent of Europe's wild bees face extinction, a new assessment called "European Red List" indicates. Furthermore, several species could be lost altogether.
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Top News: Environment
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