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Top News: Environment

GOP lawmakers try to revive Pebble mine project under Trump EPA

Some GOP lawmakers and mining companies are banking on the EPA's new head, Scott Pruitt reversing an earlier veto by the agency of a controversial mine project in Alaska's Bristol Bay, despite local opposition and the threat to sockeye salmon fisheries.

New urgency in fight to restore Florida Everglades

Miami - Rising seas, polluted coastlines and the specter of more frequent droughts and storms have lent new urgency to efforts to restore the ecosystem of the Florida Everglades, the largest freshwater wetland in the United States.

Is California's extreme drought finally over? — In a way, yes

Sacramento - After experiencing a series of near-biblical storms, California's six years of extreme drought conditions appears to finally be over. The state is 83 percent drought-free compared with just 6 percent a year ago.

Op-Ed: Taliban terror leader turns toward environmental protection

A special message carried on Taliban news outlets from new leader Hibatullah Akhundzada urges Afghan's to plant more trees. Trees in Afghanistan are cut down for fuel and illegal timber sales creating a severe deforestation problem.

Are legal marijuana sales adversely affecting the environment?

The progressive legislation across the U.S. in allowing the legal cultivation of marijuana is helping many people with defined medical conditions. However, the expansion of growing cannabis plants is having an environmental impact.

Hawaii wants to ban chemical sunscreens to save its coral reefs

Last month, a Hawaiian state senator proposed a bill that would ban the sale of chemical sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate across the Islands, although presscriptions would be allowed.

Tires are a major pollutant for the world's oceans

Conservationists and scientists have warned that particles of debris from car tires are reaching the ocean as "plastic soup" and causing harm to wildlife.

Global warming is shrinking American river vital to 40 million

The Colorado River, the American Southwest's most important waterway, supplying water to over 40 million people. is shrinking due to the effects of global warming. The flow of the river could be reduced by more than a third by the end of the century.

Plan to save Great Barrier Reef set back decades: experts

Sydney - Australia's plan to rescue the beleaguered Great Barrier Reef has been set back at least two decades after the fragile ecosystem suffered its worst-ever bleaching last year, experts said Friday.

Vancouver city council votes for judicial review of KM Pipeline

Vancouver - Opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project continues to grow, with the Vancouver City Council voting 8-2 to request a judicial review of the province's environmental approval the controversial pipeline expansion.

Doris does damage as storm hits British Isles

London - Storm Doris slammed into the British Isles on Thursday, causing flight disruptions at Europe's busiest air hub and train cancellations.

Record damages awarded over US army base noise in Japan

Toukyo - A Japanese court on Thursday awarded record compensation for thousands of residents near a US military base over aircraft noise, but rejected their demand to suspend flights at odd hours.An Okinawa court ordered the Japanese government to pay 30.

Bill McKibben to speak at Vancouver event to stop Kinder Morgan

Vancouver - On March 4, in Vancouver, BC, a fundraiser, and movement-building event with Indigenous land & water protectors is taking place, allowing diverse groups to pull together in solidarity against the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline.

Atmospheric river continues to batter Northern California

Sacramento - Northern California is continuing to reel from an atmospheric river event that has produced evacuation orders, water rescues and dangerous flooding and mudslides.

Fresh call to protect Canadian caribou

Canadian conservation activists have called on ministers at all levels of government to put in place measures to recover Canada’s imperilled woodland caribou herds. This needs to be addressed through habitat management.

Brazil's poorest region suffers worst drought in a century

Quixeramobim - A cow's skull lies baking in the sun and nearby another dead cow rots, symbols of the desolation gripping northeastern Brazil during its worst drought in a century.Farmer Kerginaldo Pereira, 30, walks through the dust and cactuses in dismay.

Northern California prepares for another powerful Pacific storm

Tracy - Northern California has already recorded two deaths attributed to the latest storm to track across the state after a brief reprieve over the weekend. Heavy rain, mountain snow, and high winds will pound the northwestern United States early this week.

Ambitious project afloat to get info on climate change in Arctic

The MOSAiC project is being billed as the single biggest Arctic expedition ever planned, with researchers hoping to gather valuable new insights into the Arctic, a region where climate is changing faster than any other place on Earth.

Op-Ed: Snow in Australia's hottest ever summer? It’s happening

Sydney - Typical. Last week New South Wales was the hottest place on Earth. We had the usual heat, floods, fire and more. Now, we have snow. Australian weather doesn’t like to be boring, or predictable.
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Top News: Environment

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