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Top News: Environment

Ambitious project afloat to get info on climate change in Arctic

The MOSAiC project is being billed as the single biggest Arctic expedition ever planned, with researchers hoping to gather valuable new insights into the Arctic, a region where climate is changing faster than any other place on Earth.

Op-Ed: Snow in Australia's hottest ever summer? It’s happening

Sydney - Typical. Last week New South Wales was the hottest place on Earth. We had the usual heat, floods, fire and more. Now, we have snow. Australian weather doesn’t like to be boring, or predictable.

Architects create world's first migratory 'bird airport' in China

Tianjin - Australian Architectural firm McGregor Coxall has won a competition to design a wetland bird sanctuary in Tianjin, China. The winning entry will be the world's first migratory "bird airport."

B.C. forest recovery gets $150 million to combat climate change

Vancouver - In its latest climate action plan, British Columbia is spending $150 million for forest rehabilitation and tree planting, while creating 3,000 jobs in rural parts of the province.

Mexican gray wolf reintroduction in Southwest US looks successful

In a bit of good news, the annual survey of the endangered Mexican gray wolf population in the Southwestern US was released on Friday by the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Biggest storm in six years moves into southern California

Los Angeles - A slow-moving storm, said to be the biggest the state has seen in six years, has moved into Southern California, bringing with it flooding, multiple traffic accidents, power outages and several evacuation orders.

Body of tortoise 'Lonesome George' returned to Galapagos Islands

Quito - The embalmed body of the giant tortoise known as Lonesome George -- the last known member of a species that was wiped out with his death in 2012 -- returned home to the Ecuadoran Galapagos Islands.

Senate confirms 'climate change denier' Scott Pruitt to head EPA

Washington - The United States Senate has confirmed Scott Pruitt, whose skepticism about human-caused global warming and close ties to the fossil fuel industry have led critics to label him a "climate change denier," to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Cyclone Dineo batters southern Mozambique, killing 7

Maputo - Cyclone Dineo killed seven people, injured 55 and affected hundreds of thousands across southern Mozambique, the country's natural disasters agency said Friday.

Manhattan-sized iceberg shears off Antarctica glacier

An iceberg the size of Manhattan has sheared off the rapidly melting Pine Island glacier on the West coast of Antarctica, and from the looks of things, there will be more to come says NASA.

Polish activists complain to EU about toxic smog

Varsovia - Polish environmental groups on Friday filed a complaint with the European Union against national and local authorities for failing to fight lethal levels of smog.

Edging towards printable solar cells

Toronto - Imagine being able to print out your own solar cells? Or popping to a store and having solar panels fashioned to your specification within minutes? These processes are becoming close to reality.

Cyclone downgraded after wreaking havoc in Mozambique

Maputo - Mozambique was battered by high winds, flooding and sea surges when cyclone Dineo made landfall late Wednesday but the storm has begun to die down, according to meteorologists Thursday.

Poll shows little support for nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron

The Ontario Power Generation (OPG) public opinion survey used to bolster claims of widespread public support for a nuclear waste bunker near Lake Huron was misleading, say critics.

Armyworms threaten southern Africa food supply: UN agency

Harare - An outbreak of armyworm caterpillars present in several southern African countries threatens to strip the entire region of key food supplies, warned the UN food agency Thursday.

Governor's letter to Trump — Support solar and wind energy

The Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition, a renewable energy advocacy group headed by bipartisan Govs. Gina Raimondo, D-RI, and Sam Brownback, R-Kan, sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday, urging him to support renewable energy sources.

On a South African farm, despair over armyworm attack

Onderstepoort - Peeling back the maize plant's leaves reveals a small brown caterpillar -- an armyworm that writhes as it burrows into the heart of the crop, producing a sticky dark paste.

Environmentally-friendly concrete manufactured

Materials scientists have succeeded in developing an environmentally-friendly concrete. This is based on energy-efficient technology that harnesses largely low-temperature, water-based reactions.

Latest data shows sea ice extent hits record low at both poles

Arctic temperatures have finally started to cool off a bit after unseasonable warmth dominated the northern regions beginning in October 2016. Polar researchers say the record warmth could result in the third year in a row of record low sea ice extent.
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Top News: Environment

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