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Top News: Business

Oil prices mixed amid slowdown fears along with supply problems

On Monday March 25 oil prices were mixed. Investors are busy weighing the importance of a slowdown of global economic growth as against tighter crude oil supplies and lower US inventories of crude.

Shell goes green as it moves into UK retail power market

London - Royal Dutch Shell took a step forward in its aim to become the world’s biggest power company with an aggressive move into the UK retail market by offering one of the cheapest tariffs available.

Uber to buy Mideast rival Careem: report

San Francisco - Uber is set to buy its Middle Eastern rival Careem for $3.1 billion, financial news agency Bloomberg reported Sunday.The deal, expected to be announced Tuesday, will see Uber pay $1.

Ford Explorer owners complain their SUVs are poisoning them

The Ford Explorer is one of the world's most popular midsize SUV's, but a Bloomberg report published on Wednesday alleges that it may be making its owners sick.

How public sector digital transformation can succeed

Governments around the world have been embarking on the digital transformation of their services, both internally and with the forward facing services offered to their citizens. A new report selects three success factors for these projects.

Brexit muddle is slowing down UK digital transformation efforts

London - The magazine Public Technology and thought-leaders Gamma recently brought together a range of senior digital professionals to review what impact Brexit was having on digital transformation initiatives. The indicators are not positive.

Inter-American Development Bank leaves China in Venezuela row

Washington - The Inter-American Development Bank said Friday its annual meeting would exit China after the United States led objections to Beijing's refusal to grant a visa to the Venezuelan representative backed by Washington.

GM invests $300 million in Orion Assembly Plant, adds 400 jobs

Less than a week after a series of critical tweets from the president over an Ohio plant closure, General Motors is announcing plans to add 400 jobs and build a new electric vehicle at a factory north of Detroit.

EU should build autos in US to avoid tariffs: Trump

Washington - President Donald Trump said Friday he was using the threat of tariffs to pressure European manufacturers to build more autos in the United States.

Spain launches plan to entice back workers who left during crisis

Madrid - Spain's Socialist cabinet on Friday approved a plan to persuade some of the roughly one million workers who left the country during its 2008-2013 economic slump to return home.

Canopy Growth extends American hemp reach with acquisition

Ontario-based Canopy Growth announced on Thursday, March 21 it has acquired AgriNextUSA, a hemp enterprise led by CEO Geoff Whaling. Mr. Whaling will join Canopy Growth USA as a strategic adviser.

Op-Ed: Legal marijuana now biggest jobs grower in the United States

New York - Seems the Terrible Weed is generating more jobs than any other sector in the United States. All that herbal immorality and innuendo created 64,389 jobs in 2018. That’s a 44% increase in employment in one year.

Cradle of Venezuela oil industry is a scene of desolation

Mene Grande - Greasy slicks continue to darken the ground in Mene Grande, a modest town where Venezuela's oil boom was born more than a century ago. But now the days of crude glory are gone, replaced by desolation.The asphalt on the roads is worn down.

BP considering using solar power for all U.S. operations

BP is in talks with LightSource BP over the purchase of solar energy to power its operations in the United States. A contract may be signed within six months, according to a LightSource BP spokesperson.

Brazil central bank holds rates steady despite slowdown

Bras - Brazil's interest rates remained unchanged Wednesday after the central bank held its first monetary policy meeting under its new chief Roberto Campos Neto.

Rags-to-riches Skoda mulls post-Brexit sales woes

Cejeticky - Once the butt of jokes, Czech-made Skoda cars have won over Brits, but the UK's looming exit from the European Union could deal a heavy blow to the brand and the entire Czech economy.

Instagram adds in-app checkout as it pushes e-commerce

Instagram has moved closely towards being a fully-fledged e-commerce site with the addition of a new checkout app, available for mobile devices. The service is starting with 20 fashion brands.

Q&A: How augmented reality and big data are shaking up sales Special

Sales people today need to find new and imaginative strategies to market and sell products. This requires new technology and it requires a new approach to sales. A leading expert shows how AR and big data matters for sales today.

Canada's oil sands still struggling and investors are worried

March has brought a string of setbacks for Canada's struggling tar sands oil industry, including the further delay of two proposed pipelines, a poor forecast for growth and signs that investors may be growing wary.
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