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Top News: Business

First warning signs appear for UK's resilient economy

London - Britain's economy has for months defied the cataclysmic predictions made by campaigners for staying in the EU ahead of last year's referendum but its smooth run shows signs of hitting the skids.

Cadbury says chocolate may become smaller after Brexit

Cadbury announced that the prices of their products may increase or shrink after Brexit. However, the company is committed to remaining in the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Gosselin talks 'Veteran Operated Veteran Owned' company Special

Artist manager Jonathan Gosselin chatted with Digital Journal about his new company, Veteran Operated Veteran Owned (VOVO).

Op-Ed: Farmers hack John Deere tractors in order to repair them

US farmers are using Ukrainian firmware to get around what they consider a restrictive software licencing agreement that they were required to sign.

Canada's Enbridge cutting 1,000 employees after Spectra merger

Houston - Enbridge Inc has announced it is cutting 1,000 jobs or six percent of its workforce in Houston, Texas, and Canada following the takeover of Houston-based Spectra Energy earlier this year.

Op-Ed: Has the Trump stock market rally turned to a Trump slump?

Washington - In the past the Trump administration has boasted of the performance of the stock market as evidence of the success of its policies. Now that the market has begun to drop, White House secretary Sean Spicer has changed his tune.

'Hillbilly Elegy' writer J.D. Vance is seeking rustbelt startups

Writer and venture capitalist J.D. Vance is partnering up with Revolution LLC to fund startup potential outside of Silicon Valley.

Sears says there is 'substantial doubt' it will stay open

In a regulatory filing late Tuesday, Sears, which has been one of America's leading retail stores since the 19th century, said there is "substantial doubt" it can remain in business.

Permian shale oilfield experiencing billion dollar land grab

Houston - Marathon Oil is just the latest in a number of companies, big and small, rushing to snatch up huge amounts of land in the Permian Basin, a massive oil field that runs from Texas to New Mexico.

BMW to squeeze more mileage out of luxury segment

Frankfurt Am Main - German luxury carmaker BMW said Tuesday it was planning as many as 40 new top-of-the-range models in the coming years in an effort to catch up after historic rival Mercedes outsold it in 2016.

Torrential rains disrupt mineral transport from Peruvian mines

Lima - The torrential rains from Peru's coastal El Nino conditions have not only caused the deaths of over 70 people and left thousands more homeless, they have also brought central Peru's mining industry to a standstill.

Bill Gates again world's richest man, Trump slips

New York - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again topped the Forbes magazine list of the world's richest billionaires, while US President Donald Trump slipped more than 200 spots, the magazine said Monday.

Subway plans to sue CBC over claim its chicken is 50 percent soy

The sandwich franchise has announced its intention to sue the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation alleging the network aired a program falsely claiming the company’s chicken contains around 50 percent soy. The CBC refuses to retract its claim or apologize

Op-Ed: Why Australia, a big energy exporter, fears huge energy shortages

Sydney - Ask any Australian about power shortages, and expect a very sincere groan. We export vast amounts of gas, coal, etc., and we’re worrying about whole states blacking out. This is a true cluster of mistakes.

Netflix introduces new rating system, thumbs ups and thumbs downs

Netflix plans on implementing a new way of rating content. In the coming weeks, Netflix is replacing its five-star rating system with thumbs ups and thumbs downs.

Former 'Mr Volkswagen' Piech in talks to pull stake

Berlin - Volkswagen's powerful ex-chairman Ferdinand Piech, credited with its rise from the brink of bankruptcy to world leader status, is in talks to sell his stake in the group, its holding company said Friday.The 79-year-old owns 14.

Asian markets boosted by Fed but dollar sinks

Hong Kong - Asian markets rallied and the dollar sank Thursday after the Federal Reserve lifted US interest rates but gave a more dovish outlook for future hikes, while the euro was also boosted by the expected victory of the incumbent party in Dutch elections.

Iceland booming but no crash in sight, central banker says

Reykjav - Iceland's economy is booming and may overheat but there will be no repeat of the crash that plunged the country into a major financial crisis in 2008, central bank governor Mar Gudmundsson told AFP in an interview.

Trump slashes foreign aid in 'hard power' budget blueprint

Washington - President Donald Trump proposed drastic cuts in spending on the arts, science, foreign aid and environmental protection Thursday, in a security-focused budget blueprint that could struggle to pass Congress.
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Top News: Business

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