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article imageGive your loved ones and yourself a holiday gift with Reveli

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends over $800 each year on holiday gifts, and fully 80 percent of shoppers plan on using their credit cards to cover at least some of their purchases.
After all those gifts are bought, wrapped and opened, the holiday hangover begins. According to MagnifyMoney, Americans who rely upon credit for end-of-year gift shopping added an average of $986 in debt, and fully 44 percent of debt holders report that they are stressed out by the burden. Paying it all off often takes until the next holiday season and beyond.
In fact, less than half of those surveyed by MagnifyMoney said they think they can pay off their holiday debt in less than five months.
With interest rates commonly amounting to 15 percent or more, consumers can easily fall into a cycle in which they struggle to make minimum monthly payments while their outstanding balances never seem to substantially decrease. All that credit card use contributes to a rather dire picture in which the average US household credit card debt now stands at more than $7,500, and more than $16,000 when you count only households carrying debt.
Overall, American consumers owe a staggering $890 billion in credit card debt, according to Nerd Wallet.
That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a fresh new way to shop that can stop credit card companies from charging consumers interest. It’s called Reveli, and it uses a series of patented and patent pending technologies to allow consumers to shop at their favorite stores while making flexible payments without paying interest.
How does it work? When you become a Reveli member, you can purchase gift cards from nearly 50 different leading retailers, including Target, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Saks 5th Avenue, Walmart, Amazon and many more. These cards can be used in stores nationwide or online.
Reveli offers holiday shoppers great flexibility to make low monthly payments, completely interest free, with the added bonus of a host of privileges and benefits. There are no credit checks, no crippling interest charges and none of the headaches associated with credit card debt.
Sign up now and you’lll be instantly approved. Simply make your first installment payment today and Reveli will ship your first gift cards right away so you can start enjoying all this exciting new program has to offer as soon as possible. Just choose your favorite stores, pick a low monthly payment - starting as low as just $25 - and shop ‘til you drop!
There are no cumbersome restrictions or black out dates, and your cards will never expire. There is a monthly membership fee of $14.99. That’s it. No hidden costs or deceptive charges.
About those added benefits: you can enjoy extra gift cards, cash back rewards, outstanding travel services, up to 20 percent savings on select hotels and more, all backed by Reveli’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. What’s more, you can easily re-order gift cards to use on your loved ones or yourself, and you’ll pay no interest. In fact, by not paying credit card interest, Reveli members will save an average of $261.
Your loved ones and your wallet will thank you when you sign up and enjoy everything Reveli has to offer. Stop worrying about mounting - and often insurmountable - credit card debt and start enjoying the freedom and flexibility of interest-free holiday shopping.
Sometimes, the best holiday gift is the one you give yourself.
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