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article imageMake money online with ClickSure

How you can make money online with ClickSure
What is affiliate marketing?
If you’re looking to start your own business and make money online, then you’ve more than likely come across the term ‘Affiliate Marketing” before. However, you still maybe unsure what affiliate marketing is and how it translates to cash in your pocket?
In short - affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. As an affiliate you set up your own website, promote products for your advertising partners or product owners sites and when visitors click on one of your links – you receive a commission, simple!
It’s not something to be underestimated either. Affiliate Marketing is now worth £9 billion in the U.K. alone while accounting for 7.5 percent of the total digital spend in the U.S. – this isn’t a fad, it’s a real way to make a living, if you do it right…
How does ClickSure help?
Networks are there to connect affiliates and product owners. However, while many marketers refer to ClickSure as just another affiliate network, the ClickSure platform offers so much more.
Affiliates can benefit from a host of tools, all in one user-friendly work space. Affiliate tracking, an affiliate marketplace, advertiser tracking, campaign management, online shopping cart and affiliate payments system, are just some of the features you could benefit from.
What the ClickSure network offers:
-Open communication between affiliates and advertisers
-Advertisers set their own terms of their affiliate program
-Established affiliate and advertiser base from multiple industries
-Advertisers can easily manage payments to their affiliates
-A wide selection of payment methods
-Product owners can use ClickSure Vendor for robust payment solutions
-Customer knowledge base and constant support
Let’s get started!
Ready to start making money with ClickSure? Here’s how…
Open a ClickSure Account!
To get started using the ClickSure network, simply fill in your details and create a password. You only have to fill this in once and you’re good to go! Be sure to double check everything before submitting.
ClickSure helps you earn money online
ClickSure helps you earn money online
Choose Products to Promote
Once you’ve joined ClickSure, you can begin selecting the best offers to promote using the integrated Marketplace.
The Marketplace listings are sorted in order of products that are doing the most sales on the network but you can also browse through a huge number of other categories too. Choose Dating, E-Business, Finance, Forex and Investing, Gambling, Games, Health and Fitness and many more.
If you know what product you are looking for, then you can use the search box, by clicking on the ‘Search Marketplace’ button.
Start talking to advertisers straight away
Open communication between affiliates and advertisers is a standout feature of the ClickSure network. If you would like to get more information on a product before promoting it, you can contact the product owner (Advertiser) through the Marketplace listing. You can also view the advertiser profile for more information on the advertiser.
Stand out… Create a profile
ClickSure allows both advertisers and affiliates to create profiles and stand out in a competitive market. While you can showcase more about yourself and your offering, it also pulls in your ClickSure Trust Score. The profile feature can be both a great way to choose advertisers to work with and another channel to sell yourself to potential advertisers. Make sure you complete your Affiliate profile, keep it up to date and include details on how you plan to sell products better than anyone else.
Grab your affiliate links and get promoting!
Once you’ve chosen products you want to promote, and the advertiser has accepted you onto their program, all your affiliate links and resources will become available at the bottom of the Marketplace listing:
How to choose the best products
Look for products that feature in the top 10 of the category or niche you wish to be a part of. These are the offers that are already performing for other affiliates within that category.
-Contact the advertiser and see how responsive they are. Top advertisers will always be willing to respond and work with good affiliates.
-Search for products where the advertiser has provided you with lots of information and resources to help you promote their product. Top advertisers usually build out dedicated resource pages usually called JV pages, packed full of useful resources and promotional tools.
-Look for programs with a good Advertiser Trust score. Although, don’t always rule out advertisers with a low Trust Score, it could be that they only just joined the ClickSure platform so haven’t had a chance to build their Trust Score.
Getting Paid
The all important question…how do you get paid on ClickSure? Thankfully, affiliates using the ClickSure network enjoy weekly payments from a variety of payment methods including, wire transfer, ACH, Skrill, BitPay and ePayments.
However, advertisers can also set their own payment terms that range anywhere from Weekly Net 11 Days to Weekly Net 39 Days. So, although you will be paid out weekly, the commissions may not release from the advertiser into your pay check until you’ve met the advertiser terms.
Make a living online with ClickSure
Yes, you can build an affiliate career online and make money. The ClickSure network gives you access to thousands of the latest products, tools and analytics all under one roof. Unlike other networks, ClickSure also allows communication between affiliates and advertisers, when this happens, everyone wins!
It’s true, success as an affiliate requires hard work, tenacity and keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques. However, when you join the ClickSure network, you give your affiliate program the best possible start.
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