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Man arrested after donut flakes test positive for meth

A few weeks before Christmas, the man, 64-year-old Daniel Rushing, was pulled over by police after he failed to come to a full stop before driving out of a parking lot. Rushing said after that, he was arrested, placed in jail and police strip-searched him. This was because a few donut flakes of sugar in his car tested positive for crystal methamphetamine.

Rushing said he kept telling police that the flakes was glazed from a donut he was eating, but they tried to say it was crack cocaine. Afterwards, they said it was meth.

One officer said that they had 11 years of training and experience as a law enforcement officer, and that they recognized the substance to be some sort of narcotic.

Police conducted two roadside drug tests on the flakes, and the tests returned positive for meth. As a result, Rushing spent 10 hours in jail, but was eventually released on a $2,500 bond.

However, a few weeks after the incident, he received good news. The state crime lab conducted another test on the flakes and determined that the substance wasn’t illegal. A few days later, the charges against Rushing were dropped.

Rushing has now hired an attorney and he is planning to sue the city for his wrongful arrest. As for why the two drug tests came back wrong, authorities have not given an explanation.

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