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U.S. Consumers to Experience Windows Me’s Digital Media Solutions Powered by POPcast

LOS ANGELES – POPcast Communications Corp., a leading
provider of personal broadcasting services, announced that it will work with Microsoft Corp. to provide video publishing and sharing for Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) “Meet Me” tour.

The Meet Me tour, which kicks off this week in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, to coincide with the official release of the new operating system, will allow existing and potential customers of Windows to experience the latest digital video enhancements in a hands-on environment.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the Windows Me operating system and the POPcast service when they capture “15 minutes of fame” in the digital video area by starring in their own “Hollywood” video. After video cameras capture the occasion, visitors will use Windows Movie
Maker to create, edit and post their videos to the POPcast Personal Broadcast NetworkT, then share their video greeting with their friends and family.

POPcast is also hosting a Hollywood “Discover Me” public showcase
for select videos created on the tour. The tour will visit malls in 24 cities across the U.S. over the next two months. Tour dates can be found by visiting the web site at:

“One of the most exciting advances in our new operating system for home users involves the creation and sharing of digital media over the Internet,” Art Pettigrue, product manager for Windows Me at Microsoft Corp. “POPcast’s self-service video publishing and sharing services are integrated into our new Windows Movie Maker feature in Windows Me, and its participation in our Meet Me tour will allow attendees to see just how simple it is to Webcast the movies they create with Windows Movie Maker.”

“We are excited about the high-profile visibility Microsoft is placing on personal video for the rollout of Windows Me, and our select role in its introduction to Microsoft consumers,” said William Mutual, POPcast’s Founder and Chairman. “Microsoft’s selection of POPcast to provide services for the Meet Me tour further validates our vision of streaming media as a personal
medium, and is the ultimate endorsement of the ease-of-use and reliability of POPcast-powered personal video solutions.”

The Windows Movie Maker feature debuts in Windows Me and reflects successful beta development and scalability testing efforts between POPcast and Microsoft.

Windows Me offers features designed specifically for home users, and gives customers the power to network household computers, communicate more efficiently over the Internet, and work with rich multimedia content such as photos, videos, and music.

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