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Project to bring cellular data into IoT platforms

With the project, Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. has come together with the Strategic Alliance Partner Program established by Sirqul. The aim is to further the capabilities of the Sirqul Internet of Things platform by incorporating data from the cellular connections ADRF provides.

The objective of Sirqul is to function as an engagement-as-a-service Internet of Things provider, offering software for vertical solutions. These solutions work with mesh networks, intended to track and identify an individuals’ behavior, location, and intent.

With engagement-as-a-service, new technologies such as faster networks, sophisticated devices and advanced multimedia capabilities enable for mobile users to interact with their favorite brands in new and more personalized ways. This allows business to run multi-part campaigns to engage consumers via mobile services like text messages, emails, push notifications, and social media updates.

The types of functionality ranges for pinpointing the exact location of a fan at a sports stadium to the transport and delivery of food via autonomous robots. Such robots would be designed to navigate through industrial warehouses and factories. These robots can also be monitored, with their exact locations identified.

The use of the Advanced RF Technologies platform allows Sirqul to incorporate data from 3G and 4G. This is by incorporating redundancy to the network, as well as creating new opportunities for centers that are not equipped to provide WiFi.

With the partnership, Sirqul can use the new expertise to fit wireless systems and other location-equipped technologies into public spaces. The technology will also be appropriate for apartment complexes, newer smart buildings, and sports stadiums. Here different platform services can be provided.

Commenting on the new partnership, who is the Greg Najjar, Director, Business Development for Advanced RF Technologies, stated to EE News: “Sirqul has created a strong technology offering that allows its customers to draw real-time and location-based insights from IoT data.”

He added: “Joining the Strategic Alliance enables ADRF to become a critical component of Sirqul’s solution and bring ‘smart’ experiences to more venues.”

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