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Pay Hike Bill On A Fast Track Through Parliament

OTTAWA — Government House leader Don Boudria introduced legislation Monday aimed at quickly enacting a 20 percent pay hike for MPs.

The Liberal government plans to hurry the bill, with MPs to vote on third reading of the legislation by the end of business Thursday.

“The (final) vote shall be taken Thursday afternoon at the end of government orders,” Boudria told the Commons.

The bill, which follows the recommendations of a government-appointed commission on parliamentary salaries, would also see Prime Minister Jean Chretien receive a 42 per cent pay increase, putting his salary in line with that of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Under the proposed legislation, MPs would see their salaries increase to $131,400, up from $109,000 they currently earn in salary and a tax-free allowance.

Salaries for senators would rise to $105,840.

The prime minister would climb to $262,988 annually from $184,600.

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