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Op-Ed: Pentagon UFO docs – ‘Hard to explain’ vs the Big Silence

The US Navy has confirmed these videos are of real ‘unidentified’ objects.Source:Supplied. - Paul Wallis
The US Navy has confirmed these videos are of real ‘unidentified’ objects.Source:Supplied. - Paul Wallis

The good news is that there is now official acknowledgment of something everyone’s known for years – There are weird things flying around and millions of people have seen them since World War 2. The official release of information is also welcome.
Check out the coverage of the release; it’s pretty straightforward. These are the things that don’t have easy explanations, or in some cases any explanations. The sheer scale of online and other media exposure many sightings have had precludes any claims they didn’t happen.
A bit of history which must be acknowledged
For decades now, even the idea that UFOs were anything but weird fiction has been denigrated to the point of total irrationality. “Little green men”, etc. and constant, monotonously obvious, hoaxes have devalued the subject of UFOs.
This was inept child psychology at its worst; prehistoric doublethink. If one thing’s a hoax, all the others that look like it must be hoaxes, right? Wrong. Yet this was basically public policy. UFOs didn’t exist, and if they did, they were something other than what people thought they were.
Lunatic-level fake alien sightings didn’t (and don’t) help much, either. A rock on Mars looks weird; therefore it must be an easily identifiable alien artifact. …While ignoring whole areas of similar-looking rocks. Even allowing for the fact that some people may sincerely believe this drivel, nothing beats actual critical analysis, which is entirely lacking in all forms of UFO hoaxes without exception.
The logic that something inexplicable doesn’t exist can’t work for a nanosecond. You have an observation whether you like it or not; what are you going to do with it? Not much, evidently. The lack of scrutiny of these phenomena is itself inexcusable.
Real science is about what we don’t know. Any fool can recite known facts. Any idiot can insist on what they were taught in grade school, obsolete as it probably is. Yet virtual gigatons of observation of unexplained things are getting such simplistic, downright disingenuous reactions?
Like hell. Show me any engineer, scientist or even basic human who doesn’t want to know what these things are, and how they work, and I’ll show you a liar. The Big Silence on UFOs is the scientific equivalent of the Big Lie, and equally useless to humanity.
There’s an irony here. Public exposure of this information could generate some actual thought, for a change. Not everybody spends their lives assuming countless verified observations can’t be true. Not all physicists and engineers refuse to think.
The damning, insufferable fact is that thousands if not millions of people made honest reports and were treated like idiots and ridiculed, directly or indirectly. There cannot be any remotely plausible good reason for that.
…So now what?
Releasing information, particularly when heavily qualified with “hard to explain” as the criteria, isn’t an admission of anything. Nor is it intended to be.
This release of information came from legislation created during the negotiations on the COVID Relief package, not some sudden outbreak of honesty. The Washington Post cites a series of examples of people’s thinking and non-thinking, on the subjects raised.
One of the most-quoted issues is UFOs breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom. It’s not as inexplicable as people might think, but conventional wisdom, that lost teddy bear of human awareness, can’t explain it. This is the issue – The object moves, but the air mass isn’t affected and doesn’t go boom. Therefore the object doesn’t directly impact the air mass. Explanation? There must be one, but nobody’s looking for it because “it doesn’t exist”. A more useful propulsion system would be hard to imagine.
Then there are the UFOs diving into the sea, then back out into the air, etc., etc. We’re not talking about minor inexplicable events here. We’re talking about the behaviour of systems of propulsion we know nothing about.
Any rational discussion of such phenomena will generate more useful ideas and information in 5 minutes than in the last 80 years. It’s time for the fanatical upholders of idiot-level superficiality to get out of the way and stay out of the way. Enough with the “it doesn’t exist” babble. It does, and you know it does.

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Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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