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Jivox IQ update introduces new dynamic canvas technology (Includes interview)

The update, which was in development for 18 months, includes the industry’s first dynamic ad studio for designing and executing digital ad campaigns.

This dynamic ad studio depicts a complete redesign of Jivox IQ, introducing the new Dynamic Canvas technology for resizing and lightening the weight of advertisements on the fly. To do this, it eliminates use of any code templates and uses ad components instead, allowing for real-time swapping of virtual and dynamic assets. The addition of this makes the platform the first ever to programmatically deliver dynamic ads at scale.

“With this release, we’ve added a number of capabilities that tie the creative production process to the dynamic functionality of our platform,” said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox. “We now have a single environment UI where you essentially have a dynamic creative studio for creating ads. In addition, it allows you to mark certain elements of the ad created as dynamic, and enables you to define rules and data.”

Created with personalization and engagement in mind, this update pivots programmatic away from traditional banners and other restrictive ad formats, providing brands and agencies with canvases to create relevant and engaging branded experiences. Nesamoney believes that “brands are effectively serving 1990s-styled ads with 2015 technology,” which is why he decided to optimize Jivox IQ for the “new era of programmatic creative.”

“We’ve integrated all tag-level information into our platform so we can pick up different signals from major DSPs and combine them with other data like weather, location, holidays, sporting events, and so on.”

However, the dynamic ad studio isn’t the only industry first to come with the upgrade. With its simple drag and drop UI, the Jivox IQ Rule Builder gives customers the power to specify decision trees, and several layers of nested rules and priorities. It also expands on data specification, including parameters that have already been uploaded into the platform, and others passed in real time from cookies or tag variables. Users can also leverage the technology to initiate multi-screen re-targeting and conversion tracking.

“We’ve integrated all tag-level information into our platform so we can pick up different signals from major DSPs and combine them with other data like weather, location, holidays, sporting events, and so on,” said Nesamoney.” Basically, this means we could hypothetically take the gender data from a programmatic bid, then match it with location to create a more informed creative message to be delivered.”

To accompany the two groundbreaking features are several others that make the platform more robust. Jivox IQ now offers an asset source manager for transferring large bulks of media into its CMS; a redesigned campaign management console for importing media plans from Facebook’s Atlas and MediaOcean Prisma; and advanced, dynamic reporting options that can report on metrics from campaigns, publishers, placements, creative variants, and asset levels. To top it all off is a fully redesigned user interface that allows for manipulation of thousands of creative variations in a single campaign.

“When we first spoke with brands and agencies, they were excited about the idea, but when it came to execution, they were still using traditional platforms,” said Nesamoney. The problem is, these platforms are traditionally rich media tools developed to serve banner ads. They may have added dynamic capabilities, but were not designed for the dynamic creative. With this upgrade to Jivox IQ, we are better fitting the needs of the dynamic creative in the programmatic world.”

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