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How the Polish IT sector has bucked the economic slowdown trend

The Software Development Association Poland, (SoDA) has generated a report that considers sales, human resources, and several business and economy factors in order to assess the full the impact of the coronavirus on the IT industry. The study was conducted in seventy-four Polish technology companies.

According to the SoDA report, in terms of the IT industry, the situation of Polish software houses is optimistic and is described as stable. This applies to many business related aspects such as cash flow, results, and operational activities. Technological companies operating in Poland quickly adapted to the changed economic realities.

The SoDA review finds that many businesses are stable in relation to many aspects such as cash flow, results, and operational activities. The report also suggests that technological companies operating in Poland quickly adapted to the changed economic realities triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

in the report, Konrad Weiske, President of the Management Board, SpyroSoft, Vice President of SoDA states: “The pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis acted like a magnifying lens. The importance and difficulties faced by the IT industry in Poland were brought into sharp focus. Looking at the development of other European economies clearly shows that, currently, the knowledge-based ones are doing the best. The IT industry is particularly important in this context. It is successfully navigating through the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the report shows.”

In terms of the type of disruption experienced and the new opportunities that have arisen, there has been a reduction in the number of recruitment for junior positions together with an increase in the demand for experienced specialists.

The report finds this to be relatively positive development, and notes that the pandemic, in most cases, did not reduce the wages of the existing employees. Most of the companies that participated in the SoDA survey showed employment growth even in the critical second quarter of 2020. The median increase in the number of employees for this period was 5 percent.

Not every sector has fared well, however. The most dynamic changes are visible in the sales and development departments that have been most affected by the pandemic. Many software houses have suspended cooperation with industries such as travel, hospitality, and heavy industry. The COVID-19 crisis has in turn accelerated the expansion of e-commerce. The report also clearly indicates that in the coming months there will be an overall increase in retail sales regardless of the region.

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