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How Bikdata is transforming businesses with blockchain solutions

With blockchain technology continuing to evolve by the day, Bikdata is at the forefront of its development.

Image courtesy Bikdata / Thomas Herd
Image courtesy Bikdata / Thomas Herd

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With cryptocurrency stealing the spotlight in the technology world in recent months, what many people often overlook is the ingenuity of the tech behind crypto—blockchain.

For those familiar with what blockchain is and how it functions, you know the possibilities are infinite. While many only associate blockchain to crypto, one emerging industry leader in the tech space is gaining credibility for their use of blockchain technology and how it can be applied to enterprise resource planning systems.

Introducing Bikdata. 

With blockchain technology continuing to evolve by the day, Bikdata is at the forefront of its development, offering new and innovative solutions to archaic business models and practices that are applicable to countless types of businesses.

As many companies often pay astronomical costs for data storage and warehouse fees, Bikdata redefines what it means to store company data with the power of blockchain.

Creating an infrastructure within a blockchain technology network for each of their respective clients, Bikdata is able to design an ecosystem with end-to-end solutions for all kinds of businesses. With a six-layer encryption, they create a mining solution with company data which in turn results in data monetization. In a flawed system that has no incentive where data sits archived and dormant, Bikdata builds a system that ensures an ROI.  

But what makes Bikdata even more compelling is their ability to take the value of these companies and create their own unique token, or crypto that can be used to value the company and its worth based on their performance and earnings.

As the archaic model has always been for businesses to join the initial public offering market where shares of the company are traded and sold, Bikdata creates a new solution via cryptocurrency, allowing it to be treated as a cryptocurrency. Furthermore, these tokens will create a tokenization strategy that will act as a payment solution and mechanism within the business that can be utilized for payment settlement and fulfillment. 

While the general consensus around cryptocurrency is that it is an investment and tied to monetary value, though this is true to some extent, the overwhelming value in crypto is its utility.

Bikdata takes the utility factor of crypto and blockchain and implements it into enterprise resource planning systems to completely revolutionize the infrastructure and organization of the data behind a company with blockchain business solutions that turn expenses into assets. 

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