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Tech & Science and Forthcoming XML Industry have a Thing For Eachother (, the owner and operator of the PDF Web
community Planet PDF (, recently announced that it has
formed a strategic alliance with XML/SGML Asia Pacific
conference founders and industry leader, Allette Systems
( Allette will work with to provide
much of the industry experience for the forthcoming site, XMLArena,
a Web community dedicated to Extensible Markup Language (XML) beginners
and IT managers.

XMLArena will provide an online XML magazine, discussion forum and
electronic store. By providing a centralized resource,
will allow those working with XML to dramatically reduce the time
required to design and implement solutions built around the XML.

XMLArena will target those involved in the traditional publishing
process who are evaluating XML as a format for creation, management and
distribution of documents. It plans to provide resources for those who
have come from a more traditional EDI background and are intending to
use XML as a structured
exchange format for fielded data.

XMLArena is planned for release in late June.

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