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NHL Trade Rumors: David Krejci to Vancouver Canucks?

Jason Botchford has suggested several players that could boost the teams offense on the ice and makes several good points for each, but the player that stands out in the group is Boston Bruins center David Krejci.

The veteran has six years in the league with 60 or more points, a definite upgrade over the talent already on the squad and a player that would bring leadership and plenty of playoff experience. There are a couple sticking points in trying to add the 30-year-old. First, his contract calls for seven million per season for the next five years and he has a history of hip problems that could limit the amount of time he spends on the ice, but for a player with such a high reward factor, it makes sense to take a closer look at making a deal happen.

Boston added David Backes and have a need for help on the defensive end, leading Botchford to suggest offering Alex Edler in a straight two player swap. The Bruins already have their top center for the future and adding a veteran defender would make them more competitive in the tough Eastern Conference.

Vancouver has other options, including free agent Jiri Hudler, who has been linked as a possible signing, but the Canucks need a more consistent player and one that isn’t at the end of his career. Krejci still has plenty left in the tank and has all the skills the front office is looking for to improve this franchise and while he isn’t a long-term solution to the scoring woes, he is the type of player that will make an immediate impact and possibly put this team back into the NHL Playoffs in 2017.

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