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NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler to Boston Celtics?

The latest news has Ainge still wanting more, including someone who can handle the ball, but also put points on the board. The hope was Kevin Durant would make his way east, but with that not happening, it now looks like management could look at pulling off a big trade to get the player or players they want.

There were a number of rumors before the draft on potential trades that didn’t happen for one reason or another, one included Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler headed to “bean town,” but apparently the price was too high and nothing happened.

Those rumors have now heated up again with the latest news from Boston and Twitter has been blazing with fans having their input.

The Bulls already traded star point guard Derrick Rose to New York and from all accounts, are still looking to make more moves as they look to rebuild the franchise through adding young players and then hitting the free agent market hard next summer.

Owed more than $16 million next season and unhappy with the teams performance over the last couple of seasons, the 26-year-old could use a change of scenery and a move to the Celtics would not only have him on a squad that could challenge the likes of Cleveland and Toronto as the top team in the Eastern Conference, with the right moves in the next year or two, a definite contender for an NBA title.

With a number of young players at their disposal and a number of draft picks at next summers draft, Ainge has the resources to make a trade, even if it means over spending just a little to get the player he wants and for this team to get back as a regular contender, adding Butler would be a great step and one that could payoff in a big way over the next few years.

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