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Xana Metaverse: From Japan to the World, A Redefined Virtual Space

Xana Metaverse is a project that is coming to revolutionize virtual space. With a platform for smartphones, PC and VR, users can become their own avatars, providing various services to create lifestyle and even economic zones. The revolution that they are bringing is that, until now, no matter how much someone played in virtual space or dressed up in your avatar, it did not lead to business or profit. Now, with Xana Metaverse, the time will come when playing in virtual space, creating the space itself, and making things that avatars wear will lead to economic activities.

Xana Metaverse: From Japan to the World, A Redefined Virtual Space

This new virtual world has a built-in avatar builder that enables the user to be whatever they want to look like and buy a collection when it drops. Besides that, the virtual lands with verifiable ownership can be traded with other users, rented out for creators to build the world. The developer of the project, Rio Takeshi Kubo, says it is important to create digital assets in a virtual space. He even created a marketplace to do this, especially, the Xanalia.

One of the things that helped to launch the project was the progress of the virtual events due the pandemic of the last few years. As the real events were restricted, the developer of the project, Rio, saw a way to see it positively as an opportunity to reconsider the fashion show and a new way to self-expression and communication. His idea is that the person will be able to see the show and complete the purchase immediately there, with just one click the user’s avatar will be trying the clothes that he just saw on the walkway. He believes that digital fashion will bring about historic changes in fashion.

For this big project, Xana is currently raising funds to help develop the community. With the help and collaboration of DAOMaker (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which helps to launch projects, they already have 3648 investors participating by staking a total of $66 million in funds.

Xana’s goal is to provide the entire infrastructure necessary for the coming of this new type of metaverse. Their promise is to create a decentralized metaverse that is truly owned by users. With this great partnership, the fundraising will allow everyone to gradually become a part of Xana metaverse and create an indepent future with their own hands.

About XANA

XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands. Xana is now expanding to Japan, seeking business development such as virtualization.

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