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Wichita Tree Service Pros Works with Homeowner to Boost His Fruit’s Output


Wichita, Kansas – While Wichita Tree Service Pros has made a name for itself among homeowners with decorative trees, the company also helps farmers make the most out of their orchards. For the past 6 months, the company has been preparing George’s orange trees for the harvest season which was completed yesterday.


“Wichita Tree Service Pros was recommended to the family by a friend who had used its services for years,’” said George. “At the time, the family’s orchard was going through what looked like a crisis. Even after working extra hard on the trees, things were not working—the trees were not producing the ideal number of fruits.”

George reported that when he contacted Wichita Tree Service Pros, he did not expect the company to work with him. The homeowner had reportedly heard that the company largely focuses on ornamental trees. However, after searching for several weeks for a company that specialized in orange trees, the homeowner was almost giving up.

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“When the family called the company’s office,” said George, “a very sweet woman picked the phone. The woman was more than happy to explain in detail all the services offered by Wichita Tree Service Pros. She noted that the company’s team of tree cutting professionals had decades of tree service experience and had already improved thousands of fruit trees. The support agent even promised to send a professional to inspect the trees and provide improvement suggestions.”

The homeowner told reporters that he remembered the day that the professional arrived on his landscape. After listening to the professional talk about the improvement solutions that the company would use, George was satisfied that he would get the best service from Wichita Tree Service Pros.

“The family immediately decided to hire the company,” said George. “The team was supposed to start the orange tree improvement the next day. However, since it was just around 10 am, the professional asked whether he could call his team to initiate the tree improvement procedure immediately. When the family gave him a go-ahead, the professional just dialed a number and the company’s tree trimming team was on the landscape in less than 20 minutes.”

The homeowner reportedly watched the company curiously as it removed branch after branch from each tree. The homeowner thought that by the time the team was done, there would be nothing left on the tree to bear fruits.

“While the family thought that the Wichita Tree Service Pros team was damaging the trees,” said George, “the company’s tree pruning team in Wichita was eliminating bad branches from the tree—these included branches that suffered damage, ailing branches, and branches that occupied space and consumed nutrients without producing any fruits.”

George noted that his landscape has over 100 orange trees. According to the homeowner, the Wichita tree trimming team worked on 30+ trees every single day.

“The company operated at a surprisingly fast rate,” said the CEO. “Although the company was spending a small amount of time on each tree, the company ensured that maximum improvement was done. In the past 6 months that followed tree trimming, the company has been sending an arborist to make sure that the trees are 100% healthy.”

When reporters asked George about his harvest this year, the homeowner noted that the work done by Wichita Tree Service Pros about 6 months ago significantly improved the produce.

“This year,” said George, “the family noticed a 200% increase in the harvest. It was quite a surprise to see that a procedure as simple as cutting and removing branches from a tree could increase the harvest so much. The family plans to keep collaborating with Wichita Tree Service Pros—this will help ensure that the product never reduces again.”

Wichita Tree Service Pros currently has a base of operation at 7227 W Harry St, Wichita, KS 67209, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 316-799-3555 and [email protected]

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