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Why choose a Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

While the perceptions of beauty imposed on us by popular culture are renewing themselves day by day, we are renewing ourselves every day in order to catch up with the speed of popular culture. In today’s world, where visuality is dominant and even almost everything, hair transplantation applications are perhaps one of the most popular and frequently applied applications, I think we would not be mistaken. We asked Istanbul-based IxoraLife Clinic, which started to be touted as the capital of hair transplantation, about the demands in hair transplantation and the hair transplantation process.

Turkey is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation. As IxoraLife Clinic, an Istanbul-based hair transplantation clinic, what is your comment on this situation? Why is Turkey so much preferred?

Yes, it would not be wrong to say that our country is now a brand when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul is a rising star in this regard. Today, as IxoraLife Clinic, we welcome women and men who want to have hair transplantation from many parts of the world, especially from Europe. The demands for hair transplantation procedures are increasing day by day. However, since the demands of hair transplantation create a market in Turkey, many different areas in Turkey, especially health tourism, take their share of hair transplantation demands with the demands of hair transplantation. Today, there are many different reasons why Turkey is so preferred in hair transplantation. If you want to gather these reasons under a single heading, we can easily say that we do not only raise the standards in hair transplantation, but we are now setting the standards of hair transplantation in the world. How? First of all, we have very well trained expert staff in hair transplantation. Today, we, as IxoraLife Clinic, have an employee who specializes in this field and technique for every technique used in hair transplantation. Today, many hair transplantation clinics based in Istanbul follow the current developments in hair transplantation applications and train and renew their teams in this direction, just like us, IxoraLife Clinic family.

It is said that the hair transplantation staff in Turkey and even the complete health education and sector are always the best. But is this really the case, or is there some public relations work in these discourses?

Indeed, we can say without hesitation that our country is the best in this regard. There are many different reasons for this. Let’s talk about it briefly. First of all, due to economic conditions, patients from many different parts of the world prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. Today, hair transplantation applications are performed in Europe, England and even in America, but compared to the prices in Turkey, the average of the procedures performed here is 3 times higher than in Turkey. As such, patient candidates from many parts of the world prefer our country. These preferences have two different contributions to us. One of them is undoubtedly economical; there is a serious market and competition in hair transplantation in our country. The second is experience. Today, many hair transplant specialists in our country, especially our own team, IxoraLife Clinic team, are much more knowledgeable and experienced than their colleagues in Europe and America because they see new cases almost every day. They create personalized treatment protocols for new and different patients.

Do you think we are raising the standards as a country in hair transplantation?

I can definitely say yes. Because in many countries, hair transplantation procedures cover only the transplantation process, while in our country, the hair transplantation protocol within the scope of health tourism offers a sector and comfort package in itself. Today, as IxoraLife Clinic, we welcome our patients coming from abroad in the best way and give effective and fast answers to all their questions and problems related to hair transplantation. Afterwards, we follow the whole process with our expert staff in the field. As we focus on our patients, they trust us more and can manage demands, and moreover, we set the standards.

Do you only do hair transplantation at IxoraLife Clinic?

Although hair transplantation is one of our main focal points, as IxoraLife Clinic family, we also perform beard, eyebrow and mustache transplantation. In these areas, although we sometimes make regional applications, we sometimes make combined applications in line with the needs and demands of the patient.

Can we say that patients leave your clinic happy in all situations and conditions?

We can say for sure. Hair transplantation is a appearance process at the end of the day. When people want to renew their expressions, they resort to hair transplantation when they want to be refreshed. However, some patients may have regional baldness in their eyebrows, beards or mustaches due to different reasons. In such cases, sometimes our patients tell us that they want to plant in these areas, and sometimes we convey to our patients the need to plant in these areas as well. A holistic approach is necessary for a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. If the baldness of the beard continues to remain when you only make the hair bushy, then you have not fully realized the new look. For this reason, we attach importance to providing holistic treatment methods to our patients.

So, if we want to look through the eyes of a patient who wants to have a hair transplant, why should patients choose IxoraLife Clinic when there are many clinics in Istanbul?

In fact, there are many answers to this question. If you want, let’s explain it one by one with a special approach to the general public. First of all, we are located in the heart of a metropolis like Istanbul. Due to the fact that it is very easy in terms of transportation, someone who applies to our clinic for transplantation today can enjoy Istanbul after the transplantation process and experience the unique tastes offered by our city in Istanbul where he comes for planting. In addition to the ease of transportation, we, as the IxoraLife Clinic family, have been performing hair transplantation procedures for many years. Hair transplantation is a procedure that has permanence and natural appearance is important, and these two factors require the team to be experienced. As IxoraLife Clinic family, we are very familiar with FUE and DHI techniques, especially SAPPHIRE FUE, especially DHI technique, which requires serious experience and skill. Therefore, we can determine the needs of our patients in the most accurate way and manage their demands and expectations in this context, giving them the image that they dream of. In addition to expectation management and experience, as IxoraLife Clinic, we connect with our patients from the first moment and ensure that they spend the entire hair transplantation process with maximum comfort.

What techniques do you use at IxoraLife Clinic?

There are several techniques applied today in hair transplantation. Although we have mastered all of these techniques as the IxoraLife Clinic family, we do not recommend the FUT technique, which we think is quite a thing of the past, to our patients. Although we do it in line with the demand, the FUE technique offers both faster and more effective results than the FUT technique and is a more practical and aesthetic choice because it does not leave significant traces as in the FUT technique. In addition to these, we apply SAPPHIRE FUE, FUE and DHI techniques in hair transplantation, eyebrow, mustache and beard transplantation.

We talked with IxoraLife Clinic about the standards in hair transplantation and Turkey’s achievements in this field. If you have problems with your hair and complain about its sparseness, you can contact IxoraLife Clinic and learn the right hair transplantation protocol for yourself.

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