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Well-Choices Holistic Nutrition Therapy is on a mission to help clients change more than their belt size.

Well-Choices focus is on long term change, helping clients escape the cycle of fad diets and temporary solutions.

Everyone deserves to live a healthier life and achieve their health goals, whether that is weight loss or reduced stress. Unfortunately, its common knowledge that statistically very few realize that success.

Each January brings new year resolutions and with it the common “new year, new you” advertising from every corner of the health and fitness market. And each year millions of people start out on a new “weight loss or health journey”, most struggling to make it past the 6-week mark. Those who do find success struggle to keep up with the regime that helped them achieve their goals, and often time sacrifice their health for results that are only skin deep. 

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Holistic nutrition therapy is an extremely meticulous approach by Well-Choices, the goal is to give every client the tools and support they need to be successful. 

The Well-Choices process starts with identifying each client’s specific dietary and lifestyle needs and predispositions to create the most complete and sophisticated programs including Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep, Activity, and Lifestyle Habits. During on-on-one video counseling sessions Well-Choices specialists examine Lifestyle factors, habits and history, and combine that with the client’s lab reports and DNA analysis. 

“The Well-Choices program is designed to help you achieve your nutrition and wellness goals through maintainable and enjoyable lifestyle changes, based on your DNA, Biology, and Lifestyle.” Well-Choices also points out that the holistic nutrition approach combines elements of traditional nutrition and wellness programs to ensure that the underlying internal and external factors that derail peoples’ progress are conclusively addressed.

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Well-Choices counselors are experts in their field but more importantly that have a passion for helping clients succeed. The program is not a fad diet, its not an automated nutrition or fitness app. Through one-on-one holistic nutrition counseling, clients learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle without feeling like they are giving up on the best things in life.  Each client receives a program developed to help them achieve their goals in a maintainable and healthy manner, with weekly meal plans, recipes, tips, tricks, and tools. 

Communication and trust are key to success, clients meet with their counselors via video chat, and have unlimited access via in-app messaging, and email. 

While weight loss is a common goal and obesity is a common health concern it is only part of the issue, and is a symptom with underlying causes, which is why Well-Choices has designed its program to focus on more than just weight loss. “Our coaching program focuses on all significant elements of a healthy lifestyle. We promote positive habitual change for long term improvements in health, body composition, energy, immune function, mood and stress management.”

The Well-Choices team of health and wellness professionals including Dieticians, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Psychologists, and Exercise Physiologists have over 345 different biomarker tests utilized in conjunction with the DNA analysis to create the most complete client profile and formulate a comprehensive lifestyle program for the client.

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