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VeganToken: Changing the Environment though Crytocurrency

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2021 / VeganToken is the first decentralized e-commerce company for vegan-friendly products that implores the use of cryptocurrencies to raise awareness for the environment, endangered species, and the balance of nature.

With the advent of blockchain technology, people have progressively started using cryptocurrency as an alternative to the traditional currency. A massive shift towards virtual currency (crypto) in e-commerce is becoming more and more apparent, as more and more industries incorporate payment through crypto in their platforms.

Social apps mixed with the boom of blockchain technology have allowed people to be connected, breaking down geographical barriers. Vegans, animal rights activists, and environmentalists can trade vegan-friendly products wherever they are, claim ownership of their purchases by using an international monetary system and rest assured that this platform will help them in their fight to end animal cruelty.

VeganToken is a platform to support vegans, animal rights activists, and environmentalists in their fight to end animal cruelty. The platform will be a marketplace for vegan-made products but will integrate blockchain technologies like payment through cryptocurrencies and the use of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to prove ownership of a product.

VeganToken aims to create a strong community that will gradually build a large and diverse marketplace powered by crypto and NFTs for vegan-made products. VeganToken will not only sell their own products on this marketplace but list vegan-made products of people all around the world. These products will be sold and bought in VeganTokens native currency and a notable percentage of every sale will be donated to fight animal cruelty.

The power of this Blockchain-based e-commerce platform together with support from a strong community will be used to make an impact worldwide.

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